KHARI JOHNS Makes Waves With His New Single “D.I.E”

KHARI JOHNS is a talented hip-hop/R&B artist who uses unorthodox cadences, soulful singing, and unique songwriting to convey his messages to the world. Coming from a professional acapella background, his songs are developed with an array of harmonies. KHARI JOHNS is now getting ready to release his first studio album.

KHARI JOHNS newest single “D.I.E” describes a new life and perspective from the old way he used to live. It also represents KHARI JOHNS getting out on his own and reinventing himself. In the second verse, he says, “Underestimated and appreciated, but that’s how I made it.”, which is referring to the music and a stage in KHARI JOHNS’ life. This track can be interpreted in many ways by the listener. KHARI JOHNS says there are many hidden messages throughout “D.I.E” for his listeners to find. Equipped with a sultry voice and a catchy hook, KHARI weaves through storytelling elements through his emotive songwriting and R&B stylings. KHARI curates music that his listeners can relate to forge original connections with his fans. Contemporary R&B/hip-hop fused with old school Motown vibes give this track just enough soul for anyone to rock along with. It’s got contagious energy and an addicting melody that we’re bumping on repeat. Authentically KHARI’s style,”D.I.E” is a spectacular smooth track on it’s the way to the top. 

Check out “D.I.E” here and read more with KHARI JOHNS below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Khari Johns! Can you tell us about the meaning behind your new track “D.I.E”? 

The meaning of D.I.E describes my metamorphosis into me being a new artist and describing my return to a faith-based lifestyle.

You said there are some hidden messages within the lyrics, can you dive into that a little bit?

Well D.I.E represents me, you, and the black community leaving behind the bars that we were once held by.

It stands for Drug-Induced Experience- “Get a little smoke you gon be alright, homie told me that before he paid price, now he the pen like he ray rice.” When I was under the illusion of the way I was living, my growth was prohibited.

It is the same for the black community today, we were once held down by Jim Crow and societal laws but now we are liberated as the new Hebrews in the Promised Land.”

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I hope my listeners take the time to absorb the lyrics. Listen to the message. Me and Tommy Massari, the executive producer, put a lot of work and time into the music. Take heed.

What’s the concept behind the music video for “D.I.E”?

The concept of the music video is explained in the setting.

I am in the Mohave desert, where I was born in.

I am wandering through the desert and I find resources, I find restoration, I find life where I am at my final breathe.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming album?

My upcoming album, Near Life Experience, is 7 tracks of Real rap, melodies, and harmonies for your soul, and life lessons for anyone in the world, especially for an L.A. Native.

Date TBD.


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