Kick Back and Chill to XUAVAGELOVE’s Spoken Word Release “SPACELOCK"

The Inland Empire-based artist XUAVAGELOVE is an artist who focuses on the art and craft of the music created over everything else. Since making an impression in Southern California and then becoming a self-booker and working with a vast amount of musical talents, XUAVAGELOVE has released three singles and is back at it again with his release “SPACELOCK.”

“SPACELOCK” opens up with a moody, but slightly snazzy instrumental intro with an adlib monologue that perfectly leads to an ever so chill lo-fi hip-hop drumbeat that we cannot get enough of. We felt as if we were up way up in the clouds while listening to this one, it has the vibe, the groove, those jazzy piano chords, that ethereal-like vocal performance that is almost like a spoken word. XUAVAGELOVE tells us about trying to break free and be himself, but he is already locked into what society has put him to. With lyrics like “I’m chasing off to foreign escapes,” we felt the dream that XUAVAGELOVE is chasing after, and we strongly feel that many individuals will be able to find something to connect with while listening to this release.

You can listen to “SPACELOCK” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic XUAVAGELOVE! Your latest release “SPACELOCK” felt like an emotional spoken word to us about your dreams, what was the inspiration behind coming up with this one? Did you freestyle the lyrics?

First off I would like to show my gratitude for buzz music taking the time to review the song truly appreciate it.

I was highly influenced by my connection with God for this song. GOD was using me as a vessel to share a new wave pattern and thought process on how we can see the new world that we are living in. It’s about being yourself and staying focused on the things in life that resonate at a high frequency and not letting the distractions of this world distract you. You have angels and demons and we choose what we tap into both are very powerful frequencies but we know that the light brings peace and the dark brings confusion we have all been in the dark and that ok as long as we are flying towards the light of righteousness in our heart. We must continue to become connected to our higher selves in a world where the main goal is to keep us disconnected from the source. A freestyle yes this is a 1 take freestyle mixed and engineered by Xuavage I call any freestyle I do A XuavageLove freak style.

We are loving the lo-fi hip-hop beat that is going on in the back, what had made you want to go in this direction to create that? How did you create those interesting vocal adlibs that are spaced out in the back?

I was just listening to some old beats I had downloaded A while ago and I remember I was smoking on some delicious ganja called Rosey 

And I tapped into the beat right when it came on and was like ima fvk this song up right now and I sat down recorded the lyrics in about 5 min and it was a wrap! Working with my personal Producer @RisktakerP he has taken my vocal music abilities To another level by allowing me to experiment so deeply with my adlibs it’s become a Xuavage Specialty so when I got alone in the studio by myself I decided to see how experimental I could get and the spaced-out frequencies were connecting divinely for an ALEIN like myself

How has being based out of the Inland Empire helped influence and shape the music that you are creating today? How has your time in Southern California shaped the artist you are now?

Coming from the I.E has helped in the way that a lot of people are making the same type of music vibes and flows. So by being aware of this I came to the understanding that is not what I want to do I don’t want to sound like any other artist and my subconscious thoughts started to take over my musicality and I just took off from there is a real rockstar I grew up with my father playing an eclectic range of music since he is a musician and amazing drummer so the soul flow of music is deep in my blood and runs through my heart! I believe that growing up in Cali gave me my nonchalant type attitude and free flow energy where I just really don’t give a fvk what people think of me I’m living my life through the power of love so I know God has my back and that is what true freedom is.

Since your debut release “BAD RUN”, how do you feel you have evolved as an artist? What types of goals do you have for yourself with future releases and how do you plan on achieving those?

Since Bad Run has come out I have been around some next level Souls that have helped me elevate not only my musicality but my spirit has grown quantumly! I am the next biggest icon years come and go but I will still remain I’m not in this for fame I’m not in this for the money I’m in this to live my purpose and change the lives of the souls that believe in me. I have been making music for about 10 months now and have over 100 songs ready to be released some and my team plan on going XUAVAGELOVE XRAZY FOR MY FANS!

What else can we expect for 2020?

IN 2020 expect the takeover with over 60 songs produced by the oracle himself my producer @risktakerp The greatest combo of MUSIC & MUSIC VIDEOS all my music videos are shot and edited by One person the best videographer director and editor in the game @sickoxo aka Demarcus Lamont EXPECT A special 5-7 song Ep produced by @bondeyes And expect an album collaboration with the next biggest female artist @tayaangelique big tings coming are your ready for the XUAVAGELOVE EXPERIENCE.