Kid Blue Tells a Story with Each Atmospheric Track

Coming at us all the way from Australia, up and coming Hip-Hop artist Kid Blue has recently been thriving with multiple new releases.

Influenced by a variety of music styles including Hip-Hop, Trap, Classical, and Alternative, KidBlue does not box himself into traditional genres.

When creating his music, he often goes with the current vibe he's feeling during the recording process. Letting his natural juices flow into his tracks is what makes them so organic and unique.

In addition to his hooking production, Kid Blue likes to tell a story through every song. He uses his life experiences and opinions as inspirations for his thoughtful songwriting. He believes that the people his songs are meant for will know it’s for them, and will be able to experience a deeper understanding and connection.

For those unable to connect with the message within his songwriting, Kid Blue piles on a vivid and dynamic soundtrack that will hook anyone who listens.

Discover more about Kid Blue here.