Kimberly Dawn Takes Us With Her To “Nashville” on Her Latest Single

Canadian country singer/songwriter, Kimberly Dawn, expresses her natural storytelling abilities with her latest single, “Nashville”.  The mother of four preaches self-love and being persistent with dreams and desires.  She sings about her road to self-discovery, resilience, and inner strength.  Kimberly was nominated for Best Country Song at the 2019 Hollywood Music in Media Awards.  Two of her most impressive original singles are “Cadillac Lovers” and “Slow Dancin’ in the Dark”. Opening for Wilson Phillips in 2015 and performing at Los Angeles’ House of Blues, as well as celebrity red-carpet charity events, Kimberly Dawn has grown with her music.

Her latest single, “Nashville”, stems from imagery and memory of a simpler time in Nashville with a loved one. With lyrics like “When you think about Nashville, I bet you think of me too”.  Kimberly Dawn writes lyrics that perfectly suit “feel good” and wholesome instrumentation. “Nashville” offers complex melodies from banjos, guitars, keyboards, and steady up-tempo rhythm, all inspired by themes of perseverance, courage, and resilience. Enhanced by Kimberly Dawn’s captivating vocals, she presents timeless stories with inspiring country instrumentation. We are excited to see what comes next from Kimberly Dawn.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kimberly Dawn! We’re in love with your fun-loving country sound, where did you draw inspiration for your music style?

I started with singing pop music and transitioned into country music. Growing up I listened to Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, Garth Brooks, that’s what I gravitated to. I love 90’s county music, that that era inspires me.

“Nashville” is a beautiful and inspiring song, could you expand a little more on the story behind the track?

I wanted to bring back those memories of first love and falling in love, that feeling! Nashville definitely has a special place in my heart because I have fallen in love with Nashville. It’s truly one of my favorite cities.

Your storytelling abilities are extremely detailed and descriptive, have you always had a passion for writing in general?

I have. Growing up I loved English. I love to write stories and poems to this day. When I was 14 or 15 I remember being assigned to write a fictional story and I took so much pride in doing so. Even when I babysat, kids loved me because of my storytelling,  I made up stories and have always had a big imagination.

With two albums out and one being a Christmas album, is there is anything else in the works for you and your music?

Yes, I recorded an EP in January. There will be new music coming out in the middle of this year. The estimated release is in June. Stay tuned!

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

New Music. More live shows. More traveling. More connections with my fans and the audience. More living!