King Gabriel Unveils His Feelings in New Song “Emotions”

King Gabriel’s release of “Emotions” was nothing more than a mesmerizing piece of work that has upheld King Gabriel at a level of respect as an artist that could potentially skyrocket his success. “Don’t play with my emotions” was the opening line to “Emotions”. This stood out to us due to how it immediately curated this relatable vibe for the listener. Every great song has quotable lyrics, and “Emotions” was consistent at delivering great memorable lines. It wasn’t just the dynamic lyrics that made a lasting impression on us.

King Gabriel managed to project a strong delivery with a trendy autotune sound that was nicely executed. This element added an outgoing and exciting charisma to the song that kept the listener attentive and focused on “Emotions”. King Gabriel knows how to correctly arrange a song and it’s noticeable in the perfect balance of sad with happiness in “Emotions”. Although “Emotions” could promote a more dejected concept, the way King Gabriel projects his lyrics is what entices you. “Emotions” was an all-around great energy song with dynamic lyrics that will become glued to your memory with its infectious rhymes.

Listen to “Emotions” by King Gabriel here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic King Gabriel! How was it growing up in Kansas City? How would you describe the music scene there and how do you stick to your roots in your music?

Growing up in Kansas City, Kansas is definitely a unique place to experience, lots of memories made whether it was happy or painful. It helped me to see the world in a different light. Throughout most of my childhood, I moved around to many places from Arkansas to Arizona but my hometown is KCK. The music scence there is small but the people from there has lots of talent and skill. What helps me keep to my roots is always keeping my family and the things I've experienced in mind, I think about the people who helped me when I was down or the ones who couldn't believe they didn't have any other options. It's truly humbling when I look back on the things I've went through. 

We noticed some powerful lyrics in your song “Emotions”. What was the concept behind this single? Can you describe to us what initially inspired you to make this song?

Emotions is addressing the good and bad thoughts people would have when experiencing or expressing love. The inspiration behind this single is the goals people want when finding love but also the toxic side that we might have after things dont go the right way. 

What would you consider to be the most challenging aspect of creating “Emotions” and how did it help you grow you as an artist?

When I started writing,  I had a very happy vibe for the track but then I got frustrated after the first draft because of a recent potential relationship that failed. As an artist, I've always liked to be very forward with my writing. Each song I've produced helps me when I feel a certain way or needed to be reminded me how far I've came. 

When your song "Too Late" grew popular in Kansas City, how did that make you feel as an artist to get your music heard by people from your hometown?

It was an experience not many people could enjoy. Hearing my voice on the radio gave me hope that I could be heard and also inspire the ones around me that you can do the things you've always wanted through hard work. 

What can fans anticipate next from you?

I'm currently working on visuals and expanding my sound. During 2020, I'm planning to do more collaborations for this ongoing project #NoSleepSeason. Stay tuned for more!