King Vic Tells Us How He “Kick Rocks,” With His Latest Smash Single

Chicago's talented and vibrant artist King Vic is a multi-faceted musician on the rise. His fun and bubbly personality is shown with his colorful hair and beads and always a friendly vibe. Always working on something new, King Vic outshines his haters and clarifies that he and his music are here to stay.

The name 'King Vic' came about in middle school when he found a passion for royalty and winning and always knew that he wanted to be a star. The goal is always to win in life, so he made sure his name had a touch of victory. King Vic's ability to change and alter his flows is incredible, like a chameleon, which makes him highly great at what he does. "Kick Rocks" is the new single from King Vic, opening up the track with some serious bars, bringing that energy you crave in a rap record. Passion and pain, King Vic spits from a deep place of mind, taking you into his shoes for a rollercoaster ride you'll never forget. His flow's energetic bars and tidy cadence keep your head bobbing and ears peeled. The Chicago-styled, versatile flow hooks you from the start! King Vic touches on how he is raw, honest, and authentic as a person and the same in his music. "I came from the bottom now I'm headed to the top" shows King Vic's journey from nothing to something. Preaching his loyalty to his family and how much he despises his ops, his hunger for greatness cuts and shines through this record brilliantly. Keeping his energy secured and protected, King Vic raps about how if anybody is spreading hate in his comments, he blocks them. It's essential to protect your energy at all costs; sometimes, all you have to do is keep going and pushing yourself. "I'm the boss. I'm the king, I'm everything in between" speaks of the positions he holds as the artist; doing it all, he knows that his value is priceless. King Vic has us motivated with his recent single "Kick Rocks," available now on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic King Vic. We are so happy to have you join us today! We love "Kick Rocks," tell us what inspired you to create this record and how was the process like?

What inspired me to write kick rocks was my wanting to make something very powerful with a nice anthem to it. I wanted to be myself on these records and show different sides of me while telling my haters to kick rocks. Showing my haters, I’m going to be myself no matter what or who hates on me. There will be a video coming soon for that song. Very swaggy and bossy. Letting people know I run the show and I have confidence no matter what room I walk in. I wrote this song over the span of 3 months. I went into the studio, and I played the best for my engineer, mixes, and he loved it. I bought the best from one of my producers Willionaire, and he loved the song once it got done being recorded. He loved the song as well. I wanted to make sure the song was perfect because I already have plans on what the music video would look like. I think what makes kick rocks stand out is that it has a message in it, and the lyrics are meaningful and catchy, which makes the powerful and strong. One of the messages in the song is to always stand your ground and focus on your goals, and never be caught slipping. Always stay on point and never care about any negativity. This is the leading single on the upcoming mixtape “The King is Here, “ coming this summer of 2022.

As an artist that is constantly surrounded by music, what do you think makes "King Rocks" stand out? I and willionarebeats first got in contact on Instagram. I was looking for beats to make songs for the year 2021, and he messaged me asking if I needed any beats. Of course, I said yes, his flavor and taste In music are on point. I can tell that he knows how to make his beats with sauce and different kinds of ways. He’s very nice, and ever since I put out kick rocks, he really likes it and messes with it heavily. Most of my beats come from him, and we have a good relationship. We haven’t linked up in person yet, but we will soon. He is very talented.

How was it working with willionarebeats, and where did the two of you first link up? How did this relationship form? I wanted my fans to understand that you are somebody. Whether you are a king or a queen, you stand for something. Never take no for an answer, and always stand strong on what you believe in. No Matter who likes you or who doesn’t like you, always carry yourself like royalty and have confidence. Confidence is key, and without that, you have nothing. Stay focused’s on the game, whether it’s your career path or any talent you have.

What's next for you?

What’s next for me is that I’m planning on performing in different places and getting my music out there, and growing my fan base. I am also putting out a mixtape, my very first mixtape this summer called The king is here. I want to tell my story and show many different layers of me. Being in the public eye can be hard sometimes and is a challenge if you don’t have thick skin for this business. But I want to talk about life before fame and me finally entering it. Growing up, I had a few struggles, and now that I’m freshly out of high school and now 18, I’m ready to talk about what makes me the king and why I deserve a chance in this music business. In this mixtape, I will be talking about things I went through in school and as a child, and as a young adult. I hope the people are ready.