KingDarius TheGreat & Aria Marie Empower The Listener In, "Self Love (Frequency)"

Atlanta-based rapper and songwriter KingDarius TheGreat teams up with the stunning vocal stylings of Aria Marie for their latest smooth and uplifting single, "Self Love (Frequency)."

KingDarius TheGreat (Darius Stanely) saw vast success with hip-hop groups and writing songs for artists that reached the Billboard Hot 100. When venturing into his solo career, KingDarius TheGreat saw opportunities like writing for Flo-Rida, T-Pain, G-Unit, and many more.

Now teaming up with the Atlanta-based recording artist and supreme vocalist Aria Marie, who worked with names like Jazze Pha, 2 Chainz, and more, both KingDarius TheGreat and Aria Marie present a song for the soul entitled "Self Love (Frequency)."

This new single helps listeners understand both artists' skill, attention to detail, charismatic energy, and their need to share messages of togetherness, self-love, and empowerment.

Upon the first listen of "Self Love (Frequency)," our ears are greeted with the harmonious and angelic stylings of Aria Marie alongside lush piano melodies that break down in a modern r&b groove with the warmest drum breaks. As she begins enlightening us on how negativity has no place in her life, KingDarius TheGreat makes his way in steams the scene.

His high-energy performance offers incredibly conceptual yet playful bars like "Like I don't see you, but I got Visine in my third eye." The song's smooth and melodic production offers another easy-listening aspect that's bound to lift the hearts and minds of anyone who graces this motivational and empowering new single.

Free yourself of negativity and raise your vibration with some inspiration from KingDarius TheGreat and Aria Marie's new single, "Self Love (Frequency)," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, KingDarius TheGreat. We genuinely admire the honest and uplifting approach you've taken in your recent single with Aria Marie, "Self Love (Frequency)." What inspired the creation of this empowering hit?

There were a few things that inspired me when creating this song. One is the fact that in the hip-hop world, we've lost many talented artists at the hands of senseless violence, something I feel like a community of entertainers we need to do better at controlling one's emotions and choosing alternative ways to handle differences as well as surrounding ourselves with positive people who genuinely want to see us succeed. I also used this song as an opportunity to pay my respects to my uncle, who recently passed away but was one of my biggest supporters, and my Grandfather, who passed away as well and was one of my biggest influences in terms of my knowledge and versatility within the music. Finally, the overall status of our country, our world, could always use a facelift in the love department. Without love for ourselves as individuals, we cannot exhibit love towards others, something our planet is in desperate need of. And music is a vibrational tool, Self Love (Frequency) is my way of putting out some much-needed positivity into the atmosphere.

Was this your first time working with the skilled vocalist Aria Marie? What do you feel she brought to the table in "Self Love (Frequency)"?

Yes, it was my first time working with Aria Marie, and I must say it was Love at First Session. Lol, and I mean that from a creative artistic standpoint. She exceeded expectations by not just bringing the chorus to life but adding a style and grace that only a spiritually inclined individual could deliver. Her presence in the studio was that of a queen reigning over her pastures and territory, and I was totally honored to bear witness to such greatness.

What was your songwriting process like for "Self Love (Frequency)"? Was it easy for you to create such inspirational and cohesive bars?

As I eluded to earlier, I was driven by some very inspiring topics when it came to this record. So when the inspiration level is as high as it was for me, it makes the writing process very free-flowing yet guided through the power of the ancestors and the make-up of the universe.

What was the core message in "Self Love (Frequency)" that you wanted listeners to realize and understand? How did you want the single to impact your audience?

Speaking not only for myself but Aria Marie as well, we just really want our audience to realize that being positive and exhibiting love, to yourself first and foremost, then to others, can make all of our human experiences much more enjoyable for our duration on this planet. If the majority of us can grasp this rather simple concept and understanding, we can move mountains of negativity and replace them with an abundance of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice for all parties involved.

What's next for you?

Next for me, I have some very exciting features coming with some very prestigious artists, so everyone is on the lookout for those records. Also, the full-length video for Self Love (Frequency) will be released to the public soon as well. I, along with Aria Marie, have solo projects on the horizon and quiet as kept maybe even a joint project for the both of us. Shhhhh All in all, I'm just going to continue to be productive as an artist, and a writer in my field of choice and expertise called the music industry.