Kings County Captures Love Gone Wrong With Their Conceptual Music Video “7 Reasons”

Florida Rock band Kings County releases their compelling and introspective music video to their slaying single “7 Reasons”.

Kings County incorporates the stylings of Rob Dexter (vocals, bass), Steve Bell (guitars, vocals), Joe Lopez (drums) and Bill Kania (guitars, vocals). Remixed by Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Chuck Alkazian, their track “7 Reasons” is said to be a collective of the band's past relationships that have gone wrong. By placing cerebral footage that portrays those emotions to physical imagery, Kings County brings a complex yet cohesive storyline that speaks to anyone who’s endured toxic love and was able to close that chapter of their lives.

Conveying inner emotions that are easily relatable, Kings County blasts through their track “7 Reasons” with scorching instrumentals and throbbing drum patterns that portray those unsettling feelings. Their music video for their track “7 Reasons” is mixed with Kings County’s riveting performance with moody lighting and conceptual scenes of couples arguing and clearly losing passion in their relationship. Not to mention precise and clean-cut edits shifting into scenes of writing in a journal, only for it to be bled on and burned. From picture frames falling to the ground and shattering to close up mascara filled tears, Kings County’s hard-hitting track “7 Reasons” purely portrays the emotions of the track to physical imagery through their music video. It’s evident that the band has created a haunting yet mesmerizing scene, be sure to check out the latest of what Kings County has been up to.