Kings County Take Us On a Dark Ride on Their Latest Hit “Bleed These Tears”

An anthem for the crowd to pound along to is what Kings County is bringing to the table with their latest release, “Bleed These Tears”. Buckle up because this is a hard-driving track that is adrenaline-inducing. Hailing from Orlando, FL, this rock foursome is creating heavy rock n roll ballads that will not just leave a footprint on the industry, their sound will blast a crater straight into the scene.

“Bleed These Tears” is produced by Grammy Award-winning Producer/Engineer Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric). The heavy-hitting number also features Ted Nugent’s drummer Jason Hartless and the ripping solo by, Ratt guitarist Jordan Ziff.

The vocals in “Bleed These Tears” have a dark cult-like atmosphere about them, their theatrical ability draws us in and elevates the song experience. We long for post COVID days where these guys can display their latest creation in the flesh.

Pounding drums will invigorate the crowd, fists in the air matching every emphatic beat, bodies lashing over the hard-hitting, cascading guitars. The vocals will entrance the listener and will have them singing and chanting along as the song propels forward. Harness yourself in for this roller-coaster of a release.

Experience “Bleed These Tears” below.