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KiTTN Lets Down Her Guard In Her Latest Heartfelt Ballad, "I Know You So Well"

Fierce Rapper and Songstress, KiTTN shows us a softer side of herself while vulnerably inviting us into her realm for her latest single, “I Know You So Well.”

A Chicago transplant, currently based out of New York City, KiTTN is a rapper who prides herself on unique flows, lyricism, and wordplay.

Transforming her poetry and short stories into songs over the years, KiTTN continues to redefine her music through dynamic studio recordings encapsulated by Jive, Funk, Hip-hop, and EDM.

“I Know You So Well,” instantly sets a gentle, warm ambiance with a slow-tempo in the instrumentation.

When KiTTN introduces her first bar, you’re hit with lyrics addressing deceit and dishonesty in a wayward relationship. KiTTN, vocalizes the title of the track through the chorus in a hauntingly memorizing way that showcases the presence and clarity of her vocals long after the song ends.

The delicate attendance of the chords summons you into an emotional headspace that KiTTN vulnerably shares with us through an outwardly bitter theme to the storyline in this record. The plot advances through the verses and you’re actually hit with the power and confidence it takes to close the door on a situation that is longer working.

KiTTN’s lyricism and a knack for wordplay shine bright in this song that takes a more conscious feel allowing us to zone in on each word performed.

The resonance through her sultry tone provides an extremely smooth and pleasant listening experience when journeying through her hard-hitting verses as a sonic voyage.

Congratulations on the release of, “I Know You So Well.” Welcome to BuzzMusic, KiTTN! Is this song based on a real-life experience? How important is it to write about real-life experiences in your music?

Thanks so much for the warm welcome!  I'm an emotional person and am always analyzing my feelings.  My partner and I were having a discussion about being in past relationships with people who think they're playing you in secret when in actuality you already know about it.  But, rather than sulking in sorrow, this song talks about confidently (and slightly sarcastically) walking away from those relationships.  So, I definitely have a personal connection to some or all the elements of the songs I write.  Where would you like listeners to transport to from a ballad-like, “I Know You So Well”?

When you hear this song, you should be envisioning yourself telling anyone that did you wrong to kick rocks.  Confidently hold your head high and wish them well.  I hope this song will be blaring through club speakers across the globe (when it’s safe to party again).  The themes in this song are super relatable, not to mention the catchy melody, which makes it easy to groove to. As this being your seventh solo record, how was the creative process different for this song versus other creations?

So different!  Typically I write my lyrics first (usually the verses, followed by the chorus and hooks).  I write it like a story. But this time, I was up late perusing beats on Beatstars and stumbled upon this one, which was produced by Hossy Beats and Zatan Prod.  The deep bass and bright chords in the intro immediately piqued my interest.  I wrote the hook "well, well, well, well, well" first, then the chorus came to me.  This beat feels mysterious and mellow but still makes your head bop, so I wanted my lyrics to fit that mode. Could you please take us into what the studio session looked like for, “I Know You So Well”?

Long!  Lol.  Seriously though, this was one of the longest most intricate recording sessions I’ve had to date.  I work with an amazing engineer (Ony aka Madeinqnsny) who also happens to be a musician, producer, music teacher, and mentor.  Therefore, his ear for music is pristine.  I started writing this song in February but I didn’t actually finish it until May. There are so many nuanced sounds in this beat, I didn’t want to fill the space with too many adlibs. And, I felt the slow tempo inspired a mix of singing and rapping, which feels comfortable to me. This song provided me many opportunities to show off some of the vocal skill sets I’ve been working on all year. What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

My fans.  They have been loyally supporting my music career since I released my first song last year and have been rocking with me ever since.  I appreciate their honest and candid feedback, which inspires me to continue to create music that will [hopefully] leave a lasting impression on them. 

Stream "I Know You So Well" here.


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