Kiva Richardson Releases Fresh R&B Hit “You Should Know”

Memphis-raised R&B artist Kiva Richardson has been singing since the age of 8, starting off her love with gospel music. However, even before then, her love of music was growing and solidifying her foundation with this passion of hers.

Over the last few years, she has been gaining a following of devoted listeners that will continue to grow as she pursues her art.

Kiva Richardson’s latest single, “You Should Know,” consists of smooth vocal arrangements and a sharp beat. This fire beat to the contemporary R&B song introduces you to the atmosphere she creates.

After she has already caught your attention, Kiva Richardson’s layered vocals add texture and quality to “You Should Know,” there is always something new to pay attention to. Her voice glides over the notes with precision and grace. Her admirable inspirations, such as Sade, Aaliyah, and Beyonce are apparent, although the style is completely her own.

Kiva Richardson knows her worth and values loyalty and is passing on this same message to her growing following of listeners. She knows exactly how to demand attention from anyone who may be listening, with her echoing angelic vocals and charismatic personality.

“You Should Know” ends off abruptly, which leaves you hanging on to the last note and wanting more. Kiva Richardson doesn’t want to be anyone’s second choice, and she certainly won’t be yours once you give her a listen.