Konsept The Genius Brings Futuristic Hip Hop Elements in “It’s Alright”

Konsept The Genius released his single titled “It’s Alright”. A single that had us feeling like we are on cloud nine. “It’s Alright” was a panoramic single with augmented components that was compiled in a smooth-sailing and laidback delivery. One aspect of “It’s Alright” that we thoroughly enjoyed was the delivery by Konsept The Genius. His flow, his wordplay, the arrangement of “It’s Alright” was all extremely riveting and reliably-solid.

“It’s Alright” had futuristic elements within the beat of the song. A nice fusion of both hip hop and electronic effects to make the beat a well-diverse and appealing production. His wordplay reminds you of the classic hip-hop greats while his style is unique and atypical from the average rapper. “It’s Alright” even had a lo-fi texture to the song that helped you forget about the realities you were facing. It’s just you and the music. The hook in “It’s Alright” was hypnotic, keeping you in a dazed emotion where you feel like Konsept The Genius has magically cast a spell on you during the duration of the song. Konsept The Genius is no rookie to the rap game. He’s been rapping since 2005 and has released several projects and singles to help season himself as a professional artist.

Listen to “It’s Alright” by Konsept The Genius here.