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Korfian Leaves Behind a Timeless, 'Legacy'

Korfian is an ongoing music project produced by recording artist and graphic designer Spyros Psarras. Based in Athens, Greece, Korfian's sound has been likened to Depeche Mode, Fever Ray, iamamiwhoami, and TsarB. Ethereal and enigmatic, dark and gritty, his music is defined by otherworldly reverberations, tense beats, and dramatic soundscapes.

Providing us with a phantasmagoria lens into the otherworldly ambiance of his most recent album 'Legacy,' we are fully immersed in the manifestation of power being expanded through the energy we transmit. With the opening monologue of ‘Void,’ immediately sets the tone as we hear words such as ‘you’re everything and nothing,’ resonate with us on an introspective level, the pragmatic context that is placed into the abstract body of work is eloquently thought-provoking. Speaking of overthrowing our leaders, breaking the patterns we grew up in, and creating our own rules 'Legacy,' is a tumultuous venture that Korfian is eager to have us embark on.

The title track "Legacy," produces an amplified atmosphere that is forceful with imperial tenors. The obscure avenues that resonate in the menacing musicality have Korfian navigating us through has our minds shift into overdrive as we delve into the ominous timbres that cast this cavernous landscape into a realm of curiosity. “When I dethroned you, I broke my chains,” instantly has the motives of Korfian on display as the lyrical motif acts as foreshadowing for the complexity to come.

Although he has you touring the depths of unorthodox themes that many choose not to speak on, one thing remains consistent with Korfian’s sound; the hypnotic attributes that pull you into the colossal cosmic scope he superlatively emits. "Growling Thunder," has this range is extended to the unnervingly exhilarating universe where the song's initial single "White Smoke," also resides.

“Annucio,” which directly translates to the announcement in English takes a moment to tie into the theme of ‘White Smoke.’ Falling directly before it on the tracklist, you’re tuned into a papal conclave, a gathering of the College of Cardinals as they set to reelect a bishop. With the meaning behind “White Smoke” symbolizing the reign and leadership that is instilled with a new Pope at the helms, dark percussion kicks the evocative tones into high gear as you find furtive qualities lurking in the crevasse of each musical component that this song radiates.

The depth that is explored in the dramaturgical delivery of Korfian’s vocalization is uncanny. "No Limit," has his alluring tone pulling you into the prominence that is locked into the narrative rich in a moving bass line, and lulling synths. Habitually skulking with heaps of reverberated echoes and distorted texture, what resonates with us the most is the emphasis that the lyrical substance personifies as he sprawls his virtuosity throughout the artistic canvas of 'Legacy.'

Commencing 'Legacy,' with the final monologue of "Sow," we grasp the entirety of this project that lyrically ends with ‘this will be your legacy.’ Korfian’s talents are inimitable, to say the least. Hypnotized by the sensual grasp that has you unknowingly wanting more of Korfian’s vocal performance before you even realize it, the magnitude in which he flourishes is victorious in a major way. The manner that his artistry drips into a pool of ubiquitous reflections is supernatural and has us unceasingly asking for another trip on the sonic expedition embarked.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Korfian, and congratulations on the release of 'Legacy.' The themes that are touched have us fully invested in the integrity sculpted with each intricate soundscape that you deliver flawlessly. Where did you find the inspiration for the full concept of 'Legacy?'

Each body of work I release is experiential and ''Legacy'' is no exception. At the time I was realizing/recognizing that my whole belief system and way of thinking was starting to become suffocating. I didn't fit in it anymore. So I blamed my caretaker for raising me with this mindset. I was really angry and upset at the time. So ''Legacy'' is about this 'awakening'. About finding our own voice and respecting our own needs and limits.

What encouraged you to allow “White Smoke,” to be the first single listeners got to hear from this body of work?

"White Smoke" offered the inspiration for the theme and visuals of this whole EP. And even though it wasn't the first one I wrote for 'Legacy,' it ended up being the core of it because of the importance of the role it played.

Could you please share the creative process that you took on when you brought this album to life? Are there any memorable moments that have made the process more rewarding

The process is always the same for me. I start writing when I'm most worried and thoughtful in order to reflect and listen to what goes on inside me. Then I work on each song separately, starting with a beat that conveys the feeling of what I need to communicate. I sing over the beat, trying to find my melody and when I do, I start working on the instrumental to dress it all up in music. The visuals come from extended research of the theme I decided to follow each time. I'm a graphic designer so I also take care of this part myself, as well as the styling, shooting, and videos.

Wrapped throughout the project, you have dialogue that is brilliantly placed throughout. Could you please share the insight on where they fall on the tracklist and how you sourced them?

Thank you. The monologues that make the intro and outro are my fictional visualization of a human going through the 'awakening' process like the birth of a new universe. A Big Bang. A creature being born from absolute nothingness in order to redefine everything and start building its own kingdom without past traumas and voices.

What message do you aim to send to your audience as they listen to your musical creations?

I can't speak that generally. Each EP since 2017 has something completely different to offer. This time, with 'Legacy' I needed to speak loudly about the struggle of shutting your caretakers out when they start to feel unfamiliar. When you grow and start perceiving the world from a completely different perspective than the one you were taught to see it. It's a real shock. Most of us go through it at some point and we need to know that we are not alone. It's normal not to be a copy of your caretakers. It needs a lot of work to find your own voice but it will pay off.

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