Krantz Says Bye to “Louisiana”

Krantz is a rocker at heart who prides himself on writing, recording, and producing his work with little regard for what's deemed in style. This has led the artist to completely subvert the rock and indie genres into his sound that has steered him to MTV's American Supergroup and the creation of the band he currently makes music with.

In the most recent melancholy ballad to come from the up-and-coming artist's catalog, "Louisiana" has Krantz at the forefront of an alternative rock ballad that meshes the modern day we live in and the nostalgic 2000s era.

The lush guitar strums have us gravitating towards a heartfelt reiteration of profound honesty. As the musical foundation evolves into a grand expression of rock tenors, we retire the sole acoustic riffs and feast on a soundscape that trickles down intricacy and exclusivity at its finest. The deeper we tune into the soothing vocal performance of Krantz, the more we realize that "Louisiana" acts as a sonic journal entry we're eager to keep on experiencing.

Playing into a narrative that has bold imagery swarming your mind, you feel the ebb and flow of a tale surrounding longing and familiarity to anyone who has ever been stuck in a rut. Fleeing after the notions of heartbreak overcome him, he realizes that sometimes removing yourself from a person, place or thing, is the only way to fully get closure as you embark on what's next to come in your journey.

As we fall into the extravagant offering of Krantz, we admire each moment for what it is as we escape to a better place through this journey of mystical resonance.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Krantz, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Louisiana." This song seems to hold a lot of honesty that directly reflects personal experience. How much truth has gone into the carefully crafted lyrics that we admire?

Thanks so much for having me again! Glad ya dig the tune! So I gotta be honest, I don’t have a specific story of heartbreak in Louisiana. I def have other tales of heartbreak tied to other areas, but Louisiana just sang so nicely when I was writing it with my friends, Joel King and Sheyna Gee. I feel like we all have that place or thing we can’t go back to because of the sad memories tied to it. Thank god it’s not really Louisiana for me though cuz New Orleans is such a fun place!

In your own words, what does this song say about you in this present moment? Have you found music to be the therapeutic outlet you needed to grasp onto closure?

Writing a song about a situation and getting it out into the world can definitely help in getting over something, so yeah, I feel like I can move on from some of the heartbreaks. I’m actually in a happy relationship right now though too, so that also helps. I’m not really as sad as I look in the video, that’s just my impeccable acting skills at work ;) Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when bringing this track to life? Was there anyone able to assist you in the ultimate vision of "Louisiana?"

Well as I’d mentioned before, I co-wrote this one with a couple of good musician friends of mine. I took my band into the studio, and never having played the song live before, wasn’t sure exactly how it’d come out, but it pretty much sounds how I’d imagined. Good range of dynamics from the soft solo acoustic intro, to the monster chorus hitting ya out of nowhere. Really enjoyed making this one. Kind of took me back to the younger 2000’s Krantz days stylistically. What's your mission statement as an artist?

To spread peace and love throughout the world with melodic inspiring music. What's next for you, Krantz?

I’m in the middle of recording a new album that’ll be released sometime in early Spring. Other than that, gearing up for the holidays. Check out my Christmas tune, “Home Alone on Christmas Eve” sometimes when you're sipping on some nog. Thanks so much for the interview and hope y’all have a great holiday season!!!