Krish Has The Sound We Didn’t Know We Needed In “Four”

Talented indie artist Krish is making eclectic music out of New York. The producer and singer blends electronic, pop and R&B genres flawlessly. His career began with modest acoustic covers of The Chainsmokers and The Weeknd before releasing his debut EP, “Roses & Bonfires”, in 2017. This album set the foundations for Krish’s sound, featuring creative vocal effects, warm R&B beats, and vulnerable lyricism. Krish’s single “like u” gained over 300K stream combined within it first being released. Krish continued his climb to recognition by releasing a second EP “In Your Absence which, in addition to showing an improvement in production quality and a more confident vocal delivery, racked up 100k streams in the first month.

Krish’s latest single, "Four", is the first of six new songs coming out this year. The single strips it back to showcase the vulnerability of the scars of a past relationship gone wrong. Through his emotive, yet catchy lyricism, Krish expertly weaves through storytelling elements of his past experiences. With a diverse musical background and extensive knowledge, Krish moves through the music, his vocalism is pure and simplistic, yet brilliant. We can’t get enough of the indie-pop and R&B blend, it’s authentic and refreshing. “Four” takes the listener on a retrospective journey and has many moments that are relatable and comforting. Krish is definitely the one to watch throughout 2019! \

Check out “Four” here and read more with Krish below in our exclusive interview. 

Hi Krish! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us about the meaning behind your song “Four”?

Before writing 'Four' I had finished the production of the track a few months earlier and just let it sit. Usually for most songwriting sessions I go into the process with some idea but with this one I had nothing. On my flight back from New York to the recording session in I listened to the production on repeat for about two hours. At the end of the flight I had this idea to write about a relationship that had gone south because I (the guy in the relationship i guess haha) didn't stop to consider what was really important in the relationship and because of that, lost it all. Using this concept I wrote the "It's four AM and that light looks red, like your lips when you left" line at the end of the flight and branched off of that in the session, using a stoplight as a metaphor for stopping and thinking through problems with a clear head.

What emotions did you channel when creating “Four”?

It's a sad song. But in order to write a good sad song I feel that you need to have layers. Four is sad but at the same time it's angry. Angry at myself for not stopping to think about what she wanted and where she was coming from at the time, and losing it all because of that.

How do you feed your passion for music everyday?

Just surrounding myself in the actual music part. Getting in the studio, producing, writing when I can, singing. Those are the things that make me happy and allow me to do this. If I wasn't happy while making music there wouldn't be any point. Seeing how far i've come in music quality alone and seeing how hard my friends and peers work, it's all inspiring.

Who are your biggest artistic influences that have shaped you as an artist?

There's always the legends (Michael Jackson, Prince) and the huge acts topping the charts nowadays (The Chainsmokers, Chelsea Cutler, Bazzi, John Mayer, Jeremy Zucker), actually John Mayer is already in the legend category for me haha. But I think i've been the most inspired lately by indie acts that are changing the game, Christian French, Alexander 23, Sam Setton, Dounia, and RKCB just to name a few. Really good music and visions without all the fluff.

What can we expect from you in the near future?

A lot of new music haha, A LOT. Hopefully five new records before the year ends if not six. A bunch of shows and some fun clothing :) I'm actually trying out a new set this Sunday August 4th in NYC. Can't wait!


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