KUNAL Expresses Pain and Pleasure With "Angelic & Devilish"

Los Angeles-based rhythmic Hip-Hop artist KUNAL releases his expressive and wise-worded single, "Angelic & Devilish." 

Living in Los Angeles but coming from New York, New Jersey, and London has allowed KUNAL to grow with a wide array of musical routes to push him to new planes. With a sound ranging from Eminem and Kanye to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Bob Marley, KUNAL pulls listeners in with his unique and rhythmic lyricism that continuously pushes authenticity. 

With his recent single "Angelic & Devilish," KUNAL brings forward a storyline of living in limbo between heaven and hell, where he inhibits this dynamic and versatile state of mind. Produced by Better Livvin, the track's sonics grasp the listener with each transcendent synth, perfectly giving a taste of modern west coast hip-hop production.

"Angelic & Devilish" begins with haunting and slowly escalating production through eclectic synth melodies and an eerie organ's touch. Once KUNAL starts rapping with this authoritative and dominant flair, he tells a story of a woman who deceived him yet who continues to intrigue him through their similarities. 

We're profoundly impressed with KUNAL's textured flow within this track; he brings such confidence that naturally exudes from his tightly-wound lyricism. The double entendres and use of alliteration bring us back to hip-hop's prime, while he rides over the haunting and semi-psychedelic production. Ending the track off with what sounds like Tame Impala meets Travis Scott's Astroworld, the outro soars into the distance with powerful synths, a haunting organ, and a naturally intriguing ambiance.

We're deeply captivated by KUNAL's powerful single "Angelic & Devilish." Not only does his delivery take us back to hip-hop's prime, but the blistering production gives an incredibly modern flair that pulls you in for more. 

Hello KUNAL, and a warm welcome to BuzzMusic. We're genuinely impressed with the deep and reflective message you've created with "Angelic & Devilish." What inspired you to write a track about our good and bad qualities?

Growing up, my life had a dark side and a light side. I am sure a lot of people can relate to the idea that there can be a facade of happiness and success while behind closed doors there is struggle and sadness. Leaving everything and everyone I know behind on the east coast reframed my life and forced me into a place where I had to reflect on the ways my experiences shaped me. I wanted people to know that just because they have a dark side, or just because they have struggles that may highlight the dark side at times, that doesn’t define who they are. It is good and bad in all of us. Regarding the production within "Angelic & Devilish," what made you choose to go with a beat by Better Livvin? Was the production a collaborative process, or was the beat pre-made?

Better Livvin is a band of two exceptional musicians, David Greenwood and Nick Terzic. I have the honor of calling them great friends and because of this, we were able to create a collaborative environment. I entrusted them to be by my side in this endeavor because they understand who I am both as a person and as a musician. The beat was actually not premade, David and Nick listened to my lyrics and cadence and produced something that took it to another level for listeners. Seeing as you've lived in Los Angeles for the past five years, do you feel that the culture out west has made an impact on your sound and music? Do you still represent your New York/Jersey roots?

Well, first of all, I will always represent my east coast roots because they are integral to the person that I am today. I was born and raised with the empire state of mind and that’s a large part of why I embraced the possibilities that the world had to offer me. That being said, LA is where I found my authentic self and that undoubtedly impacted my sound. The people I met here encouraged my journey and the culture here fostered dreams I may not have had the courage to pursue had I not moved. What sort of messages and content do you plan on delivering to your fans in the future? What do you want listeners to associate your brand with?

As long as I am making content, you can bet it will be bonafide KUNAL. Who I was, who I am, and who I want to be. I will cover every version of myself and my human experience. In my opinion, there is no better way to relate to people than honesty. I neither am nor do I have a brand. I don’t want to be put into a box, I just want to express myself and I am grateful that people have been connecting to my music. What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

That’s a really easy one, my friends and family. 2020 has been a ride for everyone and personally, it gave me a chance to reconnect with the people I love on levels that none of us had the time for in quite a while. So a big thank you to my friends and family back home and abroad, as well as the friends who I call family here in LA.