Kurt Donavon's "On the Inside" Proves Contrast Can Bring Harmony

New Jersey, artist Kurt Donavon is trying to bring listeners an unfiltered and new-sounding genre. Kurt Donavon isn't interested in producing a product that blends in with the norm. The essence of Kurt's sound encompasses different components, and when we say that, we mean it. You might get a whiff of it within the comparison of Kurt Donavon's production to the vocals of his music. Kurt Donavon's mind takes you one place, while his tempo takes you another. All in all, you'll find yourself attracted by the divergence, and hungry for more of Kurt's disparity. Kurt Donavon's latest release, "On the Inside" showcases these traits well, and focuses in on Kurt's innate desire to bring reflective energy. "On the Inside" begins with a smooth guitar rhythm, which is soon blended into the robotic-sounding vocalist of Kurt Donavon. "On the Inside" delves into the more profound understanding and desire of Kurt Donavon regarding personal character. We get to see an interesting perspective with Kurt Donavon, and the track takes listeners on a reflective journey. The calm and loose rhythm of the song brings about that carefree atmosphere, but once you tune into the meaning of the track, you'll realize there's so much more to take away than just a good time. "On the Inside" pleasantly surprised us, which makes us anticipate the future work of Kurt Donavon that much more. Check out Kurt Donavon's "On the Inside" here.

Hey, Kurt Donavon, and welcome to BuzzMusic! "On the Inside" recently premiered, and featured a naturally wavy rhythm with some introspective lyrical content. Would you say there was a specific vision in mind with how you wanted your listeners to feel after listening to "On the Inside", or were you hoping more so for open interpretation?

I wanted my listeners to feel like they're not alone in feeling not loved or appreciated. This song is about me not feeling accepted for who I am and in turn feeling unloved. This is something lots of people can relate to and go through, and I wanted those people to be uplifted and feel comfort in knowing that others feel the same way. I want those people to know they're loved and appreciated no matter what with this song. 

As an artist who prefers to blend a variety of musical influences, how would you say "On the Inside" reflects this eclecticism regarding your personal sound preference?

"On the Inside" perfectly reflects my style of subversion of genre and blending of genre. It's a song where I vocalize, and rap over a Rock beat, blending multiple genres that aren't normally combined in popular music today. Its a sound I find underutilized and intend on making my signature sound over a long period of time.  

What's the overall goal you were hoping to attain with the release of "On the Inside"? Would you say that the vision you had for the track was ultimately reached?

The goal I was hoping to attain the release of "On the Inside" is the goal I hold for all my music, to help and to heal others. I lay everything out in my songs for people to see what I go through in hopes that they can seek comfort in the songs. I would say that the vision for "On the Inside" was reached. I see that a lot of the people who have listened to the song have seen the message of it and relate to the things I sing about. Whether its a million people or just one, I see it as an ultimate accomplishment through the song if it helps anyone who's going through something. 

To end off, can you describe how the music scene in Jersey City propels the essence and quality of your sound?! What kind of influences have you garnered from Jersey City over the past couple of months?

The music scene in Jersey City propels me to work hard at making the best quality music I can put out. There are so many young talented artists In Jersey City that the music scene requires the best possible music to keep up. I've garnered lots of influence from the upcoming rappers who work tirelessly to make something out of there music. I also want to put on for my city and gain more attention there to build up all the underutilized talent in the city that I love. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

You can expect to see lots of singles, music videos, and a mixtape from me in 2020.