L.E.E Releases Inspiriting Single, "Black Queen"

Singer/Songwriter L.E.E, which stands for "Love Expressed Endlessly", is an empowering artist who takes on a composed and tender approach when it comes to the expression of her sound.

Using music as her personal outlet, L.E.E constructs songs that highlight vulnerability and truth. L.E.E has experienced a variety of musical groups, and dabbled in versatile forms of music, ultimately coming out as a solo artist.

Dreaming of pursuing music as early as she can remember, L.E.E is now releasing refreshing music in order to stimulate a vast array of listening ears. 

L.E.E has released an uplifting anthem, titled "Black Queen". L.E.E begins the song off with impassioned lyricism, taking on a delicate approach to her vocal execution. There's no such thing as lethargy when it comes to the confidence and passion she effortlessly emulates.

Even with a soft-sounding style, L.E.E is able to easily make an impact with her artistry and projected mindset. "Black Queen" felt incredibly harmonious, all while delving into pivotal themes and showcasing the poised character of L.E.E.

With an amiable sound, L.E.E packs meaningful expressions into the melodic production of "Black Queen", leaving us stimulated in a peaceful and gentle sense. 

What aspect of writing and recording "Black Queen" did you feel was the most artistically challenging?

I would say the most artistically challenging aspect of writing and recording “Black Queen” would be revamping it and getting the flow and vibe just right and trying to record it at home during quarantine with all the emotions and still keep quiet because my newborn was sleeping.

Would you say there was a certain ambiance you were hoping to impart onto listeners with the release of "Black Queen?"

Yes, I would. When I wrote “Black Queen”, it originally started off as a poem for Women’s History Month. During the time of the all protest for Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, I decided to revamp it and make it like an anthem for black women during the hard times that we are experiencing. 

How do you feel that "Black Queen" compares to other pieces of work you've constructed in the past?

I feel like “Black Queen” is different from the other songs that I have written. Most of my songs are about being in love or heartbreak, or they just simply tell a story. “Black Queen” isn’t necessarily about being in love but it’s about loving yourself and feeling in control no matter what someone else says.

Where are you planning on taking the essence of your sound next, and how do you feel about the response you've received from "Black Queen" thus far?

I plan on reinventing my sound and incorporating more vulnerability and soulful R&B vibes along with a little trap soul. The response that I’ve been getting from “Black Queen” has been wonderful. Do I wish that it could’ve been better and that song could’ve reached a bigger audience? Of course, but at the end of the day, I just have to keep pushing it and getting it out there so the message can be heard. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

The one thing that has been keeping me inspired mostly is my vision for my family. 2020 has been a hard year but giving my family a better life is what keeps me going to do what I love.