L0B0 Drop New 2019 Banger “96 Baby”

Influences are a huge part of making artists who they are, it’s the most integral part of what inspires their sound. For Tennessee-based rapper L0B0, his influences include King Los, Tupac, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa, and A$AP Rocky, to name a few. L0B0 is both an experienced rapper, lyricist, and producer, as well as a University of Tennessee graduate. While attending college, L0B0 perfected his rap abilities by freestyling every day for those 4 years. He has now released 3 mixtapes, “Mood Muzik”, “Mood Muzik 2”, and “MM3” and shows no signs of stopping.

L0B0’s new track “96 Baby” is a contemporary hip hop banger in the vocal effects and the beat. From the offset, you get an image of L0B0 as fairly poetic and more of a deep thinker than most. “96 Baby” is a contagious, upbeat anthem, that we happily hit the repeat button on. It’s refreshing, and it sets the tone well if you’re visiting L0B0’s music for the first time. The track features pondering lyricism that questions the world and the artist’s role with it. Rarely do you get a series of enjoyable beats such as this, accompanied by the actual lyrical substance. “96 Baby” tells stories that stay on topic, as opposed to arbitrary rhymes or references in bars that purely seem relevant or popular right now. This new release, “96 Baby”, really introduces L0B0 in a likable and intelligent way! We look forward to hearing more.

Listen to “96 Baby” here