LA Based Rock Artist Sonic Acrylic Releases Heavy Rock Anthem "Black Eye"

Sonic Acrylic is a Los Angeles based rock artist who strives to spread the concept of self-knowledge. Sonic Acrylic has worked closely with Ben Kernion; his music is in the same family as Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Eliott Smith, and The Mars Volta, to name a few. Sonic’ Acrylic's latest album touches on current social issues as well as the mysteries of existence. Sonic is described as having strong convictions, and this passion and determination can be felt in his music.

‘’Black Eye’’ is the third song on the Sonic Acrylic 2019 album, ‘Alternates’. It is a rock song that is sure to have your headbanging. The heavy production mixed with deep emotional vocals help bring the feeling and energy of the song to life. The production features hard-hitting drums, electric and bass guitars, along with his often loud, and sometimes soft vocals. These elements provide the perfect balance for the song. There are catchy moments, such as in the bridge where Sonic sings, ‘’out of your body’’ in a balanced, mesmerizing pattern. Be sure to check out Sonic Acrylic’s new album and stay tuned for more from Sonic Acrylic.

Listen to "Black Eye" here.