La'Ron Hines Completely Delivers In "LIT"!

La'Ron Hines is the absolute package as an artist! He can sing, dance, and takes pride in his acting career! We're blown away with his artistic abilities, and he showcases them incredibly effortlessly. La'Ron is vivacious in the most fitting capacity, and his sound completely embodies an amicable presence. Hinting at elements of R&B, Hip/Hop and even some flirtations of Soul, La'Ron creates music that is a blend of harmonies--this blend is portrayed in both the vocalism, lyricism, and overall production of most tracks. We can guarantee you'll feel rejuvenated with the soundings of La'Ron, especially in his latest track "LIT"!

"LIT" first takes you on a journey with its atmospheric melodies. Soon, listeners are introduced to the fast-paced vocalism of La'Ron Hines, where he showcases a variety of his vocal ranges. We have to admit that La'Ron's voice is the kind that just melts within you. As an R&B/Hip-Hop artist, La'Ron perfectly captures the very fine sound of what old-school R&B sounds like. However, we have to stress that "LIT" isn't that old-school R&B track you may be thinking of because even though La'Ron incorporates these elements, he slyly adds a more modern production style to the vocal delivery. One huge aspect we caught onto pretty fast with "LIT" is the comical lyricism, where La'Ron adds in a few verses you can't help but find such irony in! Those are the types of verses in tracks that will have you thinking "damn" right after you hear it. We have to say that we're impressed with the fun and flowing stylings of La'Ron Hines, and we know this won't be the last we hear of his music!

Give a listen to "LIT" here

Hello La'Ron! Thanks for showcasing your latest track "LIT" here on BuzzMusic! Let's jump right into your track, and the possible challenges you faced during the curation stage?

Get the right sound for the track was probably the hardest. Because there are certain words that I had to say differently or change up simply because it didn’t flow well. And I wanted it to be a very catchy song

You've got such a wide range of talents! Between dancing, singing, and acting, what would you say you have a stronger passion for?

I’d definitely have to say it’s a tie between Acting and singing. Both have been very crucial to my life ever since I was little. Both keep me pretty busy as well.

"LIT" created such an entertaining atmosphere for us as listeners! How did you initially believe your listeners would feel when listening to the track? What was the intended emotions?

I want Lit to be a song that people listen to when they’re at a party or just trying to have a good time.

We've heard about your other recent release "Talk to Ya"! Between the two songs, which track do you believe holds an integral message for listeners?

I’d have to say Lit mainly because Talk to Ya was more of a love song and Lit is a song where I want people to feel good and party when they hear it. Thank you for taking the time to allow the BuzzMusic community to understand you better as an artist! Any parting words for the readers?-I want to thank you all for giving me an opportunity to speak with you all. Make sure all the readers go stream Lit!!