Lady Yasmina Gives Us a Run for Our Money in "Check"

Combining the name of her pop icon Lady Gaga, and her own nickname, the musical persona Lady Yasmina was born in 2019. The singer and rapper channeled her love of camp and comedy into the music that she creates. Her obsession with Pop culture and the 90's era is also closely integrated into her musical choices and looks presented.

While she wants her audience to laugh at the crazy visuals and relatable lyrics, she pays close attention to the production of every one of her songs so listeners can appreciate the infectious beats. Her obsession with Pop culture and the 90s era is also closely integrated into her musical choices and looks presented.

Spreading a nostalgic twist that submerges your mind in wistful R&B tenors, Lady Yasmina turns heads in her latest single, "Check." The angelic reverberations that pour from her spirited passion set flame to the delicate instrumentation at hand. Mid-tempo and vibrant to the touch, this blissful soundscape presented has us swimming in a pool of the artistic versatility that reigns from Lady Yasmina.

Vocalizing luxurious sound waves that trickle into themes of demanding respect while securing the bag, the sultry poise that radiates from Lady Yasmina has us caught up in all of the self-assured vibes as she flaunts her confidence like it's going out of style. Transmitting her energy to her audience, she encourages us to ooze the same confidence that we admire in the zest that Lady Yasmina sprinkles over her creations.

Taking reminiscent hues and presenting a tribute, she has a knack for creating her lane while paying dues. Captured in the euphonious harmonies that glisten brighter and brighter as "Check" progresses, Lady Yasmina transitions from heavenly vocals to hard-hitting bars as she takes us on a tour of her undeniable talents.

As she continues to flow straight from the heart, we fixate ourselves on the buoyant persona that she gracefully exudes. With Lady Yasmina at the helm, we'll gladly board her sonic expedition of sweet melodies.

Congratulations on the release of “Check.” What inspired the creation of this song?

I booked this lead role in a short film a few years ago. It was exciting at first but the process continued to get worse and worse. Each day a new person would quit because they couldn't handle the director and there was no organization whatsoever. I stuck through it and ended up waiting almost 6 months to be paid. I got suspicious as to why it was taking so long and found out my castmates were paid months before I was. I said "Oh...oh no that's not gonna work", and kept bugging the director every other day until he paid me in full. It was a big wake-up call for me to be more confrontational in this industry because I really did feel like he took advantage of my politeness. And when it comes to money, I can't keep giving people chances when they continue dropping the ball, because at the end of the day I need to pay bills and eat! This bad bitch awakening happened when I began writing music. And thus, "Check" was born.

How does “Check” hold up to other songs in your music catalog?

It definitely has a more serious tone than my other work. My songs like "Baroque" and "High For the Holidaze" are both very comedic. But I do want to incorporate mature themes in my music down the road. When my friend first listened to it she said "Oh this is like a serious song" I was like, um yeah! A few people were a bit thrown off by it since it's different then what I'm used to creating. But I've gotten positive feedback, and it's a good intro to a new sound I'm experimenting with. It's a bit darker but still revolves around my common theme of money and is definitely more empowering.

Could you please take us into what the creative and recording process looked like when fashioning this song?

I usually like to write my songs before going into the studio or having a rough outline of them. I'm not the savviest with instruments so it's easier if I get the words down first and then I can have a producer help me build chords and such around it. So I wrote the hook of the song and my head kept playing this 90's R&B loop around it. And I also wanted a strong beat and bass to give it a more threatening attitude during the rap section. I literally texted the producer, Metta Beshay, "Can you make a track with all these elements?" And he basically got it done in one go. I then went to my friend Konrad, whose artist's name is Kedo Rebelle, to record and write with me. It took a few tries to find where my voice fits in the track but I finally landed on a light, head voice singing style that matched perfectly. The recording process went really smoothly and the lyrics flowed as we went because we felt that confident in the song.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from “Check”?

I hope it helps my listeners realize their worth in life. To never sell yourself short or worry about sounding too mean when asking for something. The more you see yourself as a boss the more it manifests in your day-to-day life. This song is for my over thinkers! It's easier said than done, but don't stress what people are going to think about you because you're a valuable asset. If they continue to treat you like less, take your business elsewhere.

Do you have a personal favorite lyric from "Check"?

"Imma be the bitch that signs your check!" Pretty self-explanatory. I belt that verse about once a day in my head or out loud.