Laine Lonero Feels "No Sweat" When it Comes to the Single Life

Raised in Louisiana is Pop/Country artist Laine Lonero.

What separates Laine Lonero's music and makes it prevalently stand out? Well, as a youthful artist, Laine Lonero takes pride in having a high level of introspection and driving such introspections into her own lyricism.

Laine Lonero's most recent musical offerings have pursued modern-day topics in a reflective way, all while stimulating listeners with encouraging and optimistic harmonies. Laine Lonero's most recent single release, titled "No Sweat", is a pop-driven track that focuses on the perspective of relationships.

Laine takes the opportunity to delve into her own understanding of what relationships mean to her and the difficulties that arise in attempting to find a meaningful relationship in this day and age. With a trendy collection of guitar rhythms and sonic infusions of buoyant melodies, "No Sweat" easily classifies itself as a fun and upbeat pop single with the faintest aspect of country stylings. We're ultimately left intrigued with the persona of Laine Lonero after listening to "No Sweat", mainly because she's the kind of artist that leaves you thinking about contemporary concepts, all while leaving an addictingly entertaining melody in your ears. 

Hello Laine and welcome to BuzzMusic. What kind of influence did you acquire in order to choose the theme of "No Sweat"? Was there a certain inclination you had that inspired you to write it the way you did?

I have never been somebody who dates a lot of people or a person who jumps into a relationship easily. I have always felt that if I know it isn’t going to go anywhere, then why should I continue something and possibly hurt that person. I am turning 18 in a couple of weeks and I have really only dated a couple of people. This song is not really about anyone in particular but represents my feelings about dating. It is very frustrating to me the way social media has affected dating and everyone has access to everyone through this. There seems to be a real issue with commitment these days. I am a very loyal person and feel like the person I am with should treat me the same. I want to feel like I am everything to that person. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. What I am trying to say to people is “know your own worth.”

Considering the cheerful ambiance that emulates from "No Sweat" in contrast to its projected message, would you say that you're more inclined to maintain a pop-driven melody regardless of the track's intended theme?

This song is definitely what you would call “pop-country.” David Spencer did a great job producing and getting that awesome beat to it. I heard it actually was added to an exercise playlist, which makes sense. Yes, it is a breakup song, but I want everyone to realize that it is “No Sweat” because why would you want to be with someone that does not feel the same about you like you about them. They need to feel good about moving on. Find that person that really values you.

Do you feel that you have an advantage in creating singles that target younger generations due to your own youthfulness as an artist?

I think that considering my age and that I am about to turn 18 now, I am able to capture a wide range and age of viewers in the same type of predicament. If they are not going through this now, they most certainly have had a similar experience in the past. Most everyone has gone through a breakup and will find a way to relate the story to themselves.

Where do you plan on taking the essence of your sound from here? Are there any plans on continuing to shape your sound or are you set on the current sound you've crafted? What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

I guess I am pretty comfortable in my own skin now. I have come quite a long way from singing opera as a soprano starting at age 6. I had an amazing teacher who sang opera so beautifully. We still keep in touch on Facebook. My voice changed over the years, got a little more raspy and soulful as they say, and as long as I am still able to play the roles in theater as a Mezzo-Soprano, I am happy. I absolutely love doing musical theater. That being said, there is always room for growth in everything we do.