Las Vegas Artist, Symphonic Makes us Want to Take on the World

The Las Vegas-based artist Symphonic has been making up a name as being the go-to person when you want to feel hyped up and ready to take on the world. With each of his releases being a personal message while also being a load of fun, Symphonic has been able to transport us to any place we want to be to experience something new. As with his latest release, “Saucin’ When I’m Walkin’,” Symphonic was able to take us to the streets of Las Vegas while telling us to be who we are and be ourselves no matter what.

All in all, Symphonic is someone that we can describe to be a spicy artist, he is always changing and evolving, and we are now excited to be able to listen to his newly released album “Intention.”

Each song on it has its own unique vibe to listen to, and it perfectly goes in line with who Symphonic is all about.

Discover "Saucin' When I'm Walkin'" here.