Layers Of Texture Bring Out The Creative Genius In D'Mangelo's Latest Album

Fresh off the release of his latest album, ‘Twisted Election,’ multi-faceted Miami based rapper, producer, and Hip-hop aficionado D'Mangelo is leaving his artistic mark.

The overall project comes from a place of dissatisfaction with the current and past political landscapes of the United States that D’Mangelo holds. Highlighting the ‘most recent political hiccups,’ in the government, ‘Twisted Election,’ is a serious portrayal of the grievances many have with the political system.

Fixating our attention on the sixth song on the tracklist of the album, the buttered pulsation of angelic harmonies that the backing vocals provide, sweep over us as the instrumentation of, “In Love With Michelle,” commences with beatific cascades serenading us in a larger than life contrast to push this smooth ballad forward. The slow tempo grooves remain the utmost infectious as this song has us swimming in a sea of various talents offered up. D’Mangelo blesses the track with his boisterous attitude shining through each word performed.

There’s a certain textured charisma in the way the delivery is portrayed as D’Mangelo conveys an uplifting message surrounding his fascination for Michelle Obama. Although directed to the former First Lady of the United States, you can’t help but feel the well-rounded love and respect that D’Mangelo has for women everywhere.

D’Mangelo is known for the humorous touch that his lyrical dexterity stretches upon, so it would only make sense for him to include Presidential voice notes from Barack Obama himself into the production value. “In Love With Michelle,” transports the very spirit of D’Mangelo in an adaptable way that can only be picked up if you listen to the full album, ‘Twisted Election,’ from start to finish.

As we take in all that is, “In Love With Michelle,” we queue up the other 14 songs that have D’Mangelo’s undeniable panache ready to represent.

Congratulations on the release of your album, ‘Twisted Election.’ With such a direct topic, you manage to add your own style and flair to each record put on the tracklist. What sprouted the inspiration of this album?

I feel like things needed to be said, and some viewpoints needed to be shared. I was inspired by the state of our country and the effect it had on people.

America has been 10 times crazier than I have ever known it to be. Think about it, potentially Kanye West could have been the leader of the greatest nation on earth, Kim Kardashian West the first lady. Making the Kardashians America's royal family.

Could you please take us into the single, “In Love with Michelle”? Are there any hidden themes or messaging that perhaps your listeners wouldn’t’ pick up on the first listen through?

There is masculine and feminine energy in the chorus, representing the world. I never say her name, because she is so humble. Instead, I say the names of those who played a part in inspiring her creation. I refer to her as a “Black Rose” because she was an inspiration for all black women. I referred to her as “too big to fail/fall”. What she represents is just as important as those big banks that made bad investments.

What did the creative process look like when structuring, “In Love With Michelle”? You add audio clippings from Barack Obama himself. How did you decide which ones to use and if that was the vision from the start?

When I wrote the song, I thought of Michelle Obama and who she is. She is caring, sharing, creative and intuitive. Although every one of those things would be considered a virtue, for a woman of her stature it’s probably nothing more than a basic requirement. Knowing her unselfish nature, for the chorus I used quotes from Harriet Tubman and Maya Angelou, and I thanked them for inspiring her.

On the flip side, to show a timeline of inspiration and change, for the music video, I furthered the cause. I took those things that Michelle Obama represents and asked children around Chicago how those things inspired them. Their answers were recorded live so that they would be true and unscripted.

This song means a lot to me. I actually flew to Chicago to do the music video and get feedback on the validity of the project. I’m not sure if she would ever see it, but if she did, I wanted her to know the world and I appreciate her.

I ended the song with a clip of Barack Obama because his love and support of people reflect in the wife he chose, their relationship is poetic.

At what point did you know the album was finished? Did all the songs you would have liked to have on this project make the cut?

The album was a work in progress for a long duration. I wanted to make sure I captured the essence of America, the love, the rage, and everything in between. When I recorded the song “In Advance” with an artist I manage Precious Ford. I knew the album was done. The album was originally going to end with “American Gods'' which was recorded in Sweden. But the final layout captured everything I wanted to express and felt solid all the way around.

A couple of songs that didn’t make the album “Corona’s Coming” a song about the Corona Virus it has an animated video ( that didn’t sit well with others.

“The President's Men” featured production from an up and coming 14-year-old producer from the Philippines.

And a song called “Trump Towers” about political agenda, trade agreements, and war, and how those things affect the streets.

And many more, Maybe Twisted Election will have a sequel, maybe I will call it “IMPEACHMENT."

What would you like listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I’m not a traditional Democrat or Republican, I hate both parties equally. My music is only a matter of opinion, not a matter of fact, usually. I take time and write about things that matter and do it in a not so serious way. I can take a song about political change and make it a trap song, or a song about an affair and make it a love song. I have a lot of fun making music, and I hope it offends you, I hope it inspires you, I hope it makes you laugh and or cry. I hope it reminds you to put down the phone, close the laptop, and be human, while you still have the option.