Learn About Heartbreak in Tonne Desai’s Release “Fire Cupid"

Waving hello again to BuzzMusic is the Nashville, based Pop artist Tonne Desai. Debuting to the world in 2016 who he is as an artist, Tonne Desai always works to put himself out there and to push his dreams to make them a reality. Recently, Tonne Desai released his awe-inspiring single “Fire Cupid,” and from start to end, this one is sure to make you get up and dance.

“Fire Cupid” is a tune that is full of good energy, even with the more emotional feeling lyrics. The story behind “Fire Cupid” is revolved around a bad heartbreak and now not wanting to experience it again. This is extremely prevalent in the lyrics “someone should fire Cupid,” Tonne Desai’s message comes from deep within the heart, and it is something you will feel while listening to “Fire Cupid.” This record features modern-sounding vocal chops, a flavorful pop-sounding drum rhythm full of organic percussion, and then Tonne’s perfectly silky vocals that feel like the finishing touch to “Fire Cupid.” This record is minimalistic but is full of energy driving emotions with a healthy dose of good vibes, and we can’t help but feel happy while listening to this one. We love how far Tonne Desais has come, and we cannot wait to hear where he will be going next with his music.

You can fall in love with “Fire Cupid” here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Tonne Desais! We are loving everything that is going on with your single “Fire Cupid”, was this tune written after a heartbreak that you had gone through? What inspired the songwriting here?

Yes this song is definitely inspired by heartbreak but specifically inspired by a culmination of heartbreak and failures at love. The songwriting is centered around being fed up with the side effects and the pain of heartbreak and accepting that love may not be for me right now and placing the blame on a higher being that being, in this case, is none other than Cupid himself the god of love. The song is making a statement that he has failed at his job.

Your music has a very polished modern but minimalistic approach to it, what does the production process of your music typically look like? Are there any tools or tricks you have to keep inspired? The process is very simple actually well I think it is. It usually starts with me hearing a beat then form the hook first then I write the verses. I usually go into it with an idea or theme for the song and the rest just comes to me. Sometimes I do just sit on my bed and write down things I've encountered or been through and from there I just start singing out loud until I form a melody and hook I like. Sometimes I can be just out in public and someone might say something or I'll hear something and it sparks a melody or hook and I record it on my phone and go back to it later.

Since the last release we heard from you “Better Than Him", how do you feel you have grown as an artist since then? Do you feel you have achieved your goal of wanting to become more established? What are some plans you have in place to help achieve this?

I think I've grown vocally and musically. I have definitely grown with my writing. I can express my emotions in any genre which is a gift. I'm also finding out more and more about who I am as an artist and that's one not bound to any specific genre. I think I am on track to becoming more established. The formula is good music and exposure as long as I keep producing good music the exposure will come and with that the goal of making it will follow. I plan to reach my goal by linking myself with more opportunities such as Buzz Music and other avenues of good exposure.

It is definitely a lot of work to make it somewhere in this industry, what are some challenges you have had to overcome, and how did you overcome them? What are some lessons you have learned along the way?

The challenges are the "No's" and the closed doors and even the disappointment of not having enough people supporting me and believing in me. I overcome these challenges by believing in myself and never giving up no matter what. Also I see the loss as another opportunity for the win so I stay positive. Believe me this industry is tough and it can beat you up and throw you up but you gotta believe in your dream so much that you learn to take the punches and get up on your feet and keep going. I've learned that if you wanna be successful you have to be able to make it through the storm and be willing to go in percent. You have to be a fighter! 

We thank you for being with us, what else can we expect for 2020?

In 2020 you can expect more music and more of me. I plan to get my name and music out there bigger than ever in 2020.