Learn About Oppression in Black Note Graffiti’s Release “Fallacy"

The Ann Arbor-based rock group Black Note Graffiti is here to provide everything that we need right now with their music. Consisting of members Gabrielle Bryant on vocals and keyboards, Kris Keller jamming out on guitar and vocals, Kurt Keller smashing up the drums, Ricardo Ortiz riffing with vocals and guitar, and Adam Nine holding the floor on the bass, Black Note Graffiti is a group that is not to be taken lightly. The group recently released their thought-provoking single "Fallacy," which is a beautifully aesthetic lyric video that we cannot get enough of.

The video's central premise to "Fallacy" is a television screen with an old school aesthetic to it that shows imagery of oppression behind dynamically appearing lettering that looks as if it is being graffitied live. When the full band kicks in within the second verse, a dynamic shift appears on the screen. Modern color splashes are thrown onto the screen that spice up our interests before ultimately hitting us with a chorus where the beautifully aggressive yet soothing animations overlook political figures in the background. The unique element here is whenever the vocals become aggressive, then so do the visuals and vise versa. "Fallacy" is not just a record that will keep you engaged and listening from start to end, but when paired with its unique lyric video creates an experience that will make you want to fight back all of the wrongs in the world. You can listen to “Fallacy” here.