Learn About the Journey of Electro-Pop Songstress Alexya

Based in Los Angeles, Alexya is an electro-pop singer/songwriter and a gifted dancer who exudes a clear passion for her artistry in all its forms. Alexya started performing at the age of 3 and found her spark for music was lit while watching a live Janet Jackson concert video at the age of 5. At age 13, she became a professional dancer which led her to choreograph for her singer friends and back-up dancing for many pop artists. Alexya was spotted by a manager while at a dance class in the San Fernando Valley and asked to join Master P’s girl group ‘The Fabulous Girls’.

Her journey as an artist began when she found her ability to use a “whistle register” like Mariah Carey and lower tones like Toney Braxton. She toured alongside many Disney artists while performing with The Fabulous Girls before becoming a solo act and attending college to help further her knowledge and career in music. She released her EP “Like You Mean It” and is currently making her name known nationwide with her new single of 2019,  “Be Crew”. Not only is this a smash single but it has incredible visuals to match. The music video for “Be Crew” features many dancers and was choreographed by Ray Basa.

Listen to “Be Crew” by Alexya here!


how did you get into music and how would you describe your approach to making original music?

I totally blame my dad for getting me into music. I’m an only child so when I was young, my parents and I would watch Michael and Janet Jackson concert videos. That’s how we’d spend time together as a family. My mom would order the pizza and my dad would pick what we’d watch, so my parents’ love for music and live performance definitely brought me peace being interested in music. I then started dance classes, got discovered during a dance class at my home studio to be in a girl group called the Fabulous Girls, and then started my journey as a music artist!

My approach to making music has changed over time, but now that I am a solo artist, I approach music by listening to my body and feeling out the rhythm. Since the age of 3, I’ve been dancing and rhythm has become a key element to my artistry. I trust the way my body wants to feel from music and what I need from a track to feel what my body wants to feel. Sometimes I’ll learn a move in dance class and will want to make an entire track so I can keep exploring that flavor with sound, vocals, and movement. My lyrics typically come at the end and I like making cool rhythmic patterns that’ll carry a groove when I perform.

“Be Crew” is incredibly uplifting and powerful! What inspired you to originally write this song?

Well for a while I wanted to write to a house track because I was training under Ray Basa, a professional dancer and choreographer specializing in house dance, and I wanted to push myself to really dance and sing. I re-listened to Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” track, showed it to my producer-friend, Heartstopper, and he created the track you hear on “Be Crew”.

At the same time, I was going through it with one of my friends. For life reasons, we couldn’t understand each other and we just were not on the same page. Despite the love I had for this person, ultimately, we just needed space from each other and that’s when I wrote “Be Crew”. Sometimes, time is really the only closure and I wrote the track to heal myself and the community is affected.

How long have you been making music, and what’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned as an artist in recent years?

I really got into making my own music something like a year and a half ago! Being in the Fabulous Girls allowed me to be around music all the time, but I didn’t get to participate in the actual song building process, until recently! I really enjoy the responsibility of being a solo artist, but one of the biggest lessons I’m currently facing is that you CANNOT do it ALONE. You must build relationships in order to grow, and that’s just a life fact. A career is no different. It’s exhausting to do it all alone, you can burn out quicker that way. The journey is way more enjoyable when you have a team with you to keep you accountable and having fun. Now I have a group of producers who are my friends, a choreographer, back up dancers, etc. I have a whole tribe and I couldn’t be happier that we get to grow together and support one another.

How have you honed your songwriting style over time, and what do you think are the main qualities that make a song truly connect and last in the long-run?

Honestly, I’m still working on this but over time, I’ve better honed in my songwriting style by practicing songwriting, listening to a bunch of different music so I can explore my tastes, and not giving an f*ck about failing or sounding bad but rather celebrating that I followed through. Part of getting better is trying things out of your comfort zone or just simply being cool with the fact that you won’t be “phenomenal” at first. A lot of growth happens when you listen to tracks and break the song down to figure out why you like certain qualities of music. In the long run, people remember melodies. I think a nice, dynamic sounding melody with a good tempo makes a great song memorable. What people resonate with is feeling. People may not remember lyrics but they remember the feeling. In the simplest form, what makes a song connect and last is the feeling you get from that track making you want to listen to it over and over.

how would you say your music now compares to music you curated when you first started out in the music industry?

When I first started out in the industry, I wasn’t even making my own music. Now that I’m sort of doing my own thing, I’m really enjoying the freedom to just explore my musical taste and to push however hard I want with ideas. With that being said, I think my music is different in that every sound, lyric, melody, harmony, beat… isn’t by accident. I’m 100% aware of everything that went into making that track and of the people who helped. I think I’m sounding more mature, relaxed, and in my own element.

Can you tell our readers what the future has in store for you artistically? How do you remain on track to write consistently?

Absolutely oh my god I’m going to be singing in Spanish, you guys… I’m super excited. This next phase of music, I want to embrace my roots and my city, LA. I’m inspired to transition towards using live instruments in tracks to add a whole other level to performing for myself right now. I also have some tracks that I will be releasing soon with my first features, so look out for that and the rappers that’ll be on them! I stay on track with writing consistently by keeping my self-balance in check. If I’m going through it because I’m not taking care of myself properly, then it’s hard for me to stay on track and it takes a lot to get re-motivated. A lot of the time, it’s as simple as releasing and allowing myself to rest, but I’ve also found little personal routines that help me recharge and stay on top of my ambition throughout the week. I think to be consistent, you just have to figure out your own tempo.