Learn More About John Gordon and His Path To Creating Music

John Gordon has always had a stronghold on creativity and artistic prowess. Since childhood, John has always had two hands in exploring one art form or another. John never thought his creative path would lead to singing and songwriting- an avid painter, John always assumed his path would lead to visual artistry. Painting was a path his parents assumed he would walk down as well. John was too modest to showcase his vocal abilities; nervous he would be heard messing up the delivery, John's parents were unaware of his talent until his junior high music teacher enlightened them in a parent-teacher conference.

Music took center stage when John Gordon started singing in college, winning the Black Student Union Talent Contest in his Freshman Year. John joined James Madison University's Contemporary Gospel Singers and almost instantly was given a soul-stirring solo garnering him significant praise and attention around campus. Continuing his music exploration, John has partnered with other notable musical contributors that elevated his musical stylings. John Gordon sings from a vulnerable, genuine, and truthful place and believes that if you are invested in what you are singing, the audience will be right alongside you. John's sheer love of music propels him forward along his artistic path, not for money or fame, purely for the love and ability to display his creative expressions. We cant wait to see where John's path leads him next. Discover "Missing Me" here.