Learning More About We Wander and Their Latest Single, "Silver Lining"

From Mississauga, Canada is the folk band We Wander. We Wander's music has a bit of an alternative inspired vibe to it where it sounds more modern but has the feeling of folk - it is a very fresh sounding blend of styles. Especially with their release "Silver Lining," We Wander has grounded and shown the world what their sound is, and we love are loving every bit of it. From the punchy drums to the excellent bass, to the detailed bass, the intimate celestial violin, and of course, Maddy's crisp vocals. The music that We Wander creates is full of hope and faith, especially in their release "Silver Lining," we couldn't help but feel like everything will be alright no matter what happens. Every detail about We Wander's music is full of precision. There are no elements that went overlooked. We Wander's music has enough texture, character, and sincerity that anyone will be able to appreciate this little gift of a song that We Wander has presented to us. We can't wait to hear what is next to come in the new chapters of We Wander's career.

You can listen to "Silver Lining" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, We Wander! We’re incredibly excited to feature your latest sincere single “Silver Lining”. What can you say to our readers about the song's main message, and what you want your audience to take away from “Silver Lining”? Hi BuzzMusic, Thank you so much for having us. This song is about fostering hope and shining a light on Mental Health. When I first wrote this song, I was coming from a dark time in my life. I remember coming home from the Hospital and just thinking, “what is the point.” That’s when I took out my guitar and started spilling out the lyrics. I want our listeners to take away the message that even in the hard times you’re not alone, and there is always going to be a light at the end of the tunnel or that silver lining. Between the four of you that is We Wander, how did you find inspiration to write “Silver Lining”? Could you share how the group translated that inspiration to a well-rounded alternative sound? “Maddy wrote this song at a very young age” - Drummer Jacob Rondeau “When I was about 14, I wrote this song with only my acoustic guitar and my vocals. Once I brought it to the band, it was when the song started to evolve and take shape with everybody’s own unique ideas. The final product became a very chill, vibey, and honest song. We’ve heard that We Wander takes influences from Amber Run and City and Colour. What can you say about We Wander’s sound, and how these groups/artists impacted your bands sound overall? City and Colour have always been a very big influence on me when it comes to writing, the way he phrases his lyrics, and the chords that amplify his sound. When it comes to the acoustic element I always try to choose open chords to give it that lush and full well-rounded sound. We’ve heard that We Wander took a three-year gap between releases! Could you share with our readers how We Wander’s sound has evolved since 2017, and what made you want to make a reappearance to the music industry? When We Wander first started we had a lot of different people in the band and was not our official line up. We took some time to perfect our sound and getting our tones dialed down, we also surrounded ourselves with people who we have a strong connection with. We spent about a year doing pre-production with our producers FXRRVST (pronounced Forest) and learned a great deal from them. What can we expect to see from We Wander throughout the rest of 2020? We are very excited about our EP coming out in June and being able to play shows after this pandemic end. With our music coming out at times like this, we are trying to adapt to this new normal and seeing it as an opportunity for us to get to know our fan base better and support our community.