Leila Milki Covers Tranquil & Soft Holiday Classic "Silent Night"

Lebanese-American singer/songwriter Leila Milki is undoubtedly feeling the holiday spirit this year! Currently living in Los Angeles, CA, Leila Milki integrates a variety of her alternative stylings to her music, yet maintains the classic approach of her renditions of prominent holiday soundings. Her most recent personal work consisted of "Promises", her debut album! Priding herself of blending in various languages within her music, Leila Milki strives to display her diverse and versatile side of artistry to listeners! This 2019 holiday season, Leila Milki decides to switch her styling up with the cover of a popular and serene holiday classic!

Leila Milki has covered "Silent Night" and has incredibly captured the very ethereal essence of the song. Leila Milki is captivating on her vocal delivery alone! Soon after you're hypnotized by the vice f Leila Milki, you'll also realize the soft integration of piano that wraps up the very blend of Leila and her voice. As a classical pianist, Leila Milki does her rendition of "Silent Night" absolute justice. Just as any encapturing cover, Leila Milki chooses to embed her own touch to the infamous track as we near the end, and it's the softest element that really accentuates the entirety of the track, and shapes it into the song of Leila Milki just for a moment. Leila Milki executes "Silent Night" in the way you want the classic holiday song to be executed.