Leon Seti Compels Us With His Most Recent Release: "Ultra Silver Lining"

Leon Seti is an Italian electro-pop artist that is bringing some serious talent to the growing category. Leon recently released his second album, "Cobalt", which grew incredibly popular in Italy and various other parts of the world. Leon Seti adds a sound to our music pool that we haven't heard lots from before. Of course the electro-pop category isn't exactly new, Leon Seti adds an element to the genre we aren't accustomed to, and so it feels as if it is a new genre to us. We love category changers, and Leon Seti introduces elements to his music that makes us believe he can be a category changer. Leon incorporates creative lyricism into his music, and with his perplexed and pulsating vocals, we know the BuzzMusic community will appreciate the energy they feel while listening to Leon Seti. 

We feel almost hypnotized by "Ultra Silver Lining". The erotic synths and underlying tempo creates an alluring atmosphere, immersing the listener into complete wonder. "Ultra Silver Lining" makes us feel creative--the energy that Leon Seti integrates within his production is captivating. Leon's vocal abilities as an artist are very innocent and refreshing--he provides a sound that is contemporary and modern to the indie/techno music scene. There truly is an "Ultra Silver Lining" to Leon Seti's music, and we highly encourage our BuzzMusic readers to check this artist out, because his music is undoubtedly embellished with erotic and vulnerable emotions which maximize the overall execution of the song. 

Listen to Leon Seti's "Ultra Silver Lining" here



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