Let Tranquility Overcome You with Ethereal Artist Paola La Uníca

Gracing the music industry with her ethereal character, Paola La Uníca is a blossoming singer and songwriter from New Jersey.

Growing up, she was exposed to her fair share of music, which is reflective in her songwriting today. Paola La Uníca spent years dedicated to improving the practice of guitar and putting pen to paper with her own original pieces. When it comes to her music style, Paola La Uníca maintains an open mind and generally draws inspiration from a diverse array of genres that she ultimately fuses into one flavourful sound.

When initially composing her songs, her ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere of peace and acceptance for the listeners. With her expressive vocals and organic instrumentations, Paola La Uníca’s songs embody serenity and tranquility.

Her artistic personality emits an essence of warmth that will seep into your body up to the tips of each finger. With each track, she effortlessly forms a magnetic ambiance that makes her listeners keep coming back for more of her laid-back, acoustic daydreams.

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