Paola La Uníca Emphasizes it Gets "Easier" With Time, in Latest Single

New Jersey Singer/Songwriter Paola La Uníca has recently been merging a vast array of genres together in order to form the characterizable sound of herself today.

Paola Almonte has focused her efforts on guitar and composing for years, which drove her confidence to delve into the music world as far as she has.

Currently, in the works of an EP, Paola La Uníca doesn't stop when it comes to the creation of her music, and her latest track "Easier" proves that she's always on the roll with her musical offerings

There's an effortless sensual ambiance that washes over listeners with Paola La Uníca's release, "Easier". The song smoothly glides by with soft and modest tempos, keeping the main vibrations at an ultra-daze-like tone.

We're warning listeners that the atmosphere in "Easier" surpasses soothing, and transcends itself into an entire world of ethereal realness. Paola Almonte doesn't hold back when it comes to expression, and "Easier" insurmountably proves that. Honing into personal life experiences and tribulations, Paola La Uníca showcased once again that her wisdom can shine and ultimately provide a raw sense of hypnosis.

All in all, "Easier" became more and more effortless to listen to as the track went on, and provided almost a raw sense of tranquillity to respective listeners. 

What kind of emotive went into "Easier" and how did the song personally resonate for you?

It was a peaceful emotive. Being in love and that person uplifting you with stability and certainty in their feelings for you. The feeling of safety and trust that the universe is working in your favor.

Was there a certain kind of message you had hoped would get imparted onto listeners with this track? How would you describe the main essence of "Easier"?

The main essence of “easier” is letting go of people you love when it is time, but also receiving love with ease when it comes. The point is to not force anything and just be. Be at peace and be in love. Enjoy the love for what it is and be content in it instead of imagining and creating things that aren’t there.

As a music artist who draws from her own experiences, which experience would you say most significantly impacted the lyricism for "Easier?"

I drew from past relationships I’ve been in and conversations I’ve had with people about what love means to them.

Considering the deep and almost sensual tones presented in "Easier", what kind of atmosphere would you say you were aiming for with this track?

I was aiming for a relaxing atmosphere. A song to drive to that makes you feel peaceful inside. Something to just chill to with that special someone.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

I get inspired through current events, my friends, and content from other artists. I have been looking at a lot of photography and graphic design work lately and I find it stirs me inside. Right now I’ve been looking at Briscoe Park’s photography and listening to old Kid Cudi and Tracy Chapman.