Let Your Emotions Spread Like 'Wildfire,' with Laryssa BIrdseye's Compelling Pop Flavor

Beginning her music career with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a beautiful voice, Laryssa Birdseye has been dropping the jaws of listeners throughout her musical evolution into an up-and-coming Pop sensation.

Armed with relentlessly powerful lyricism and a voice that rivals angels, she has toured the entire West Coast to New York, Philadelphia, Hawaii, and Minnesota, as many know her as the Taylor Swift of Portland. As much as the similarities are apparent, Laryssa Birdseye's innate talent as a songwriter and accomplished vocalist proves she is much more than the latest incarnation of eternally lovelorn female Pop artists.

Delving into the latest musical venture from the thriving talents of Laryssa Birdseye, we stumble upon her debut six-track EP, "Wildfire." Being her initial debut into the genre of Pop, Laryssa Birdseye has rebranded her sound from the previously Indie Rock soundscapes most may know her for. Flexing her staple acoustic guitar, bad attitude, and cutting edge lyrics filled to the merciless brim, we have the unmatched work ethic dripping from the charisma poured into this striking project as "Wildfire" marks her first foray into a fully produced Pop sound.

The entire thesis of "Wildfire" voyages around a painful heartbreak that Larysa Birdseye has recently endured. Spinning her alluring hues into a Pop masterpiece dipped in 24k gold, we commence the absorbing body of work with the preparatory single and title track, "Wildfire." Her vocalization's harmonious bliss prevailingly emerges in an Electro-Pop ambiance as Laryssa Birdseye flaunts her unremorseful persona all over this anthem of an introductory track and certified hit. Reiterating that she will rise from the ashes of this Wildfire, our attention is constantly shifting in the empowering tenors interspersed throughout this arrangement. Immediately setting the tone for the EP, we know that Laryssa Birdseye means business.

"Another Stupid Love Song" carries out a vivacious atmosphere as we are fully immersed in the jaunty instrumentation that exhibits a disco-funk quintessence jumping from the speakers in an absorbing manner. Personifying her signature panache, this song takes on an exceedingly 2000's vibe, with the boisterous lyrics being performed with a sanctioning juxtaposition. Laryssa Birdseye allows her humor to trickle into the words that she emits to her audience. We love that the comedic aspect is lighthearted and allows us to relate to the emerging artist in an applicable way. Zoning in on the old school meets new school stylings that she effortlessly exudes, we love the nostalgia that simmers in her arrangements.

Tapping into the musical flexibility that is sprawled in "Fuccboi," we're suddenly shifted into a universe that is driven by the enticing Trap drums at hand. The wide vocal range that Laryssa Birdseye radiates makes this listening experience redefine the phrase sonic voyage. With the top quality production elements playing upon each angelic harmony exuded, the direct phrasing that decants from Laryssa Birdseye remains that much more vibrant throughout the advancement of this track. Her direct approach to the mesmerizing hook has us singing every word right back to Laryssa Birdseye as this song exemplifies what it means to have an anthem on your project.

Taking on an obscure and edgy methodology to the instrumentation of "With You," the mysterious shadows that this song navigates through is stimulating as we probe into the deep crevasses of Laryssa Birdseye's inner thoughts. As we grab our leather jacket and wear our badass attitude like it's going out of fashion, the lyrical motif of "will you let it go If I promise to behave?" jump-starts the compulsive chorus as we launch ourselves into the untroubled atmosphere that Laryssa Birdseye's talents reside in when she wrote "Wildfire." Each song endures the evolution of complexity in a tasteful array of musical cogs. At just past the halfway point of the EP, we're fully invested in how this "Wildfire" spreads.

Falling into typical Laryssa Birdseye fashion, we're most definitely dancing to the beat of her own drum as we eagerly press play on the second last song, "Won't Remember Your Name." This all-out feel-good hit has you instantly out of your seat as you fully engross the triumphant vibrations that pull you out of any rut caused by someone you won't even remember next month. This track screams the rebirth of Laryssa Birdseye. Using the dismayed experience of this breakup to fuel the fire within her, we hear the roar that charges out of her as she makes a few victory laps around who she will soon forget.

Reaching the final track, we close off this bittersweet chapter with the poignant ballad, "Only Human." This moment marks Laryssa Birdseye's reawakening as a Pop artist and symbolizes the closure of any toxicity left from the heartbreak faced. The somber tones detected on this record allow you to be invited into the mindset of Laryssa Birdseye as she embraces the moments in which she reacts the way any human would in this circumstance. Touching on the vulnerable sector that encourages a raw emotion to stem from the soul of Laryssa Birdseye, we realize that as much as she can laugh at the saddened moments, she will always unapologetically release her message the way she sees fit.

Congratulations on the release of, 'Wildfire.' We love the project from start to finish as you expose the many layers to your craft. Undergoing a change of genres and branding, what inspired you to take this route in your career?

Thank you so much! My earlier albums were a little softer, a little more filled with angst and more self-sabotage. With Wildfire, there was anger and fire to the music that needed a genre change. I’ve always loved Pop music, it just seemed like the next, sensible step for me both as a writer and performer. The way that 'Wildfire,' flows is remarkable. How did you know that you would allow yourself to get vulnerable on your debut EP into the world of Pop?

I wrote Wildfire after a breakup that I felt completely burned me down. I was learning a lot about grief at the time, and all the different stages it took. I felt humiliated, betrayed, angry, sad, and furious that this person could put me through so much hurt. Wildfire is an EP hell-bent on reclaiming my power, so it took a lot of those vulnerable moments to showcase that.

How long did it take for you to create and record this body of work? Was there anyone assisting you to achieve the edgy, and lighthearted sounds heard on the EP?

I wrote the bulk of the songs between 2018 and 2019, and it took about 6 months to record them. It took longer to put out because I was so nervous about being so vulnerable on a project like this, and the pandemic sort of messed with everyone's schedules. I worked with my bandmates Tim Karplus and Matt Brewster, who co-produced a lot of the songs and JLR Audio Productions in the mixing process.

Out of the six songs that are heard on the EP, “Only Human,” stands out as it feels that it is written from a more exposed part of your artistry. What inspired you to make that song the final one on the EP, and to give it the sound it has?

Only Human is one of those songs that just came like magic to me. I wrote it on tour in New York, in my hotel room before a show. I was exhausted, I was devastated, and I was so tired of how broken my heartfelt. The song was written before I wrote it, if that makes sense. I wanted to end the album in more of a brutally honest way. That past all the anger, all the stories of triumph and power, the situation was a very bitter and difficult one. But it was a very powerful song that sealed its goodbye.

How do you feel now that 'Wildfire,' is in the hands of the public?

I honestly feel elated. The response I’ve received has been amazing so far, and it feels like a giant weight off of my shoulders having put it out. It was a three-year-long journey, and I’m so excited for the next year. I’ve got a lot of unreleased content and music coming, so I just feel ready to conquer.