Letters of Transit Reminds You to Soak up Every Moment With “Don’t Wait”

Letters of Transit are a rock & roll band from Columbus, Ohio, that spend their time making music and entertaining people in their crazy, fast-paced live shows. As live shows are all on hold at the moment, Letters of Transit has decided to release some new music to brighten your day.

Don’t Wait” is a brand-new song released from Letters of Transit, off of their album 'Don’t Wait/Hold Tight'. The song is an upbeat rock song that lifts your spirits no matter what mood you’re in. it starts off strong with captivating guitar, and the powerful vocals join in for a feel-good, motivating track. The gritty vocals and passionate guitar are reminiscent of the 90s and 2000s rock, sure to bring nostalgic and rejuvenating feelings into your playlist. The main take away from “Don’t Wait” is that you have to be the change you want to see in your life. If something needs to be fixed, take charge, and propel your own future. There are so many beautiful moments and memories just waiting for us to seize them. Letters of Transit wanted to celebrate this song release with a big performance with other musicians to share the stage, but a lot of plans have changed over the past few months. Celebrate with them by listening to “Don’t Wait” today. Listen to “Don’t Wait” by Letters of Transit here.