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Lex Candy Powers Through Dark Times To Find Light On New Release “Bad Luck”

In his new release, the burgeoning star showcases his resilience and rare musical ability.

With a penchant for flair and an instantly recognizable signature blend of indie, power pop ballads and R&B, Lex Candy has burst onto the scene and quickly established himself as an exciting act to watch. Having struggled with alcoholism and self-confidence issues, Lex has excelled where others would crumble. Instead of succumbing to pressure, Lex Candy channelled his trials and experiences into something brilliant, pouring his heart and soul into creating something truly his own.

With some help from his collaborators, Candy’s efforts resulted in a sound that connects with listeners through his ability to make familiar and fresh sounds. Although his musical roots are firmly planted in the world of punk, Candy’s latest EP, “You’ve Done the right thing, Let’s Move on and Celebrate Life,” showcases his versatility and capacity to change and evolve, both as a musician and a person.

“Bad Luck,” from Candy’s new EP “It’s Like Magic,” is a testament to many things; Candy’s artistic honesty, resilience and ability to make meaningful and catchy music. Over swelling, upbeat and uplifting instrumentals, Candy candidly addresses his battles with substance abuse but weathers to storm to find sunshine on the other side. Dropping lines like “Because of you, I finally came to” Candy shows us that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’re on the look for fresh new music that’ll take you through an immersive musical experience, look no further. Tap in and stream Lex Candy’s “Bad Luck,” and check out his “You’ve Done the right thing, Let’s Move on and Celebrate Life,” available now on all major streaming platforms.


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