Lift Your Spirits With EverythingOShauN’s Single “Odinma”

Toronto artist EverythingOShauN returns to BuzzMusic with his mesmerizing afrobeat single "Odinma." Once again produced by his brother DJXP, the two are continuing to be a force within the music industry and are working hard to attain this spot. With their recent single "Odinma," EverythingOShauN brings forward a blissful afrobeat jam that effortlessly takes us to warm places. He vocalizes playful lyrics of not having a care in the world when being around someone and wondering why he feels so lovestruck by them. DJXP crafted the song's production to perfection, quickly allowing us to explore what the fresh instrumentals have to offer.

Starting with a lighthearted beat by DJXP, "Odinma" is very unifying from the very beginning. EverythingOShauN's background vocals enhance that meaning perfectly, as he provides melodies that every one of us can sing along to. He begins singing with playful lyrics of easily falling for someone because he was hit with cupid's infamous arrow. Both EverythingOShauN and DJXP bring in a very modern feel with "Odinma," as it's a perfect song for the turn of summer. Whether you're driving down the highway or simply relaxing by yourself, "Odinma" is the perfect song to lift your spirits through every single beat and lyric.

Listen to "Odinma" here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, EverythingOShauN! We’re once again captivated by your sound, this time with your latest single “Odinma”. What makes this track different and stand out from your other releases?

OshauN: This song was inspired by my aunt who passed a few years ago. We always promised her we would get into our culture with our music and this is one we decided was right for everyone to hear. With a collaboration with one of my best friends, 5PiECE, we put together a true feel-good vibe that combines a bunch of sounds into one.

XP: As much as the song is a feel-good song sonically, I think it still is one of the more emotional songs OshauN has done to date in my opinion. That is most likely because of the intentionality of the chorus in "Odinma" - which is an Igbo term (language from Nigeria) that means "good, fine, it is well," and it’s a response to the things that the woman in the hook is doing. I think that even if it’s not specifically a love interest that is making you feel that way, people can relate to being wronged by somebody or something and having to make an affirmation in saying it will be good, it will be fine, even if it is not at that particular moment. The irony in the song being released and then the riots and protests happening around the world was kind of a testament to that feeling. Things aren't great now, but we are doing something about it so that one day it will indeed be good.

Speaking of EverythingOShauN’s single “Odinma”, your brother DJXP once again perfected the track by adding transcendent vibes through production. How did the two of you work off each other to find the sound you were looking for?

OShauN: Well like I said previously, this track is not just Xpress it was 5PIECE as well.

XP: Yeah, we were at 5PiECE’s studio mixing some material and he played the “skeleton” of the guitar with another production and as soon as I heard it, I literally closed my eyes and saw Nigeria in my head – that is the simplest way I can put it lol. I just saw peace and tranquility with each of those chord strums. EverythingOShauN heard it and agreed and immediately wanted to do something with it.  I said to 5, table that, we are going to do something special with that once I figure out where I want to take it. It took some trial and error, there were some iterations of the beat that I knew weren’t sitting where it needed to be but once it clicked, that was it!

OshauN: Once the production was “done” the song came naturally together and Odinma was born.

With your recent interview with BuzzMusic, EverythingOShauN and DJXP mentioned that your music truly resonates with Torontonians because it’s never one dimensional. What artists do you both look up to that you feel serve similar multi-layered music?

Oshaun : It’s hard to say, one individual artist. We are influenced by many artists from the afrobeat world to the hometown. Of course, how can I not say the boy Drizzy, but other artists have influenced it like Wizkid, Jidenna etc.

XP: Honestly, I think every artist serves a purpose and I feel what EverythingOShauN and I bring is a little bit different than every iteration of it out there - which is why it works so well.

EverythingOShauN and DJXP also mentioned that being brothers helps establish trust in the studio and helps navigate your vision. Have the two of you experienced any creative growth since being in quarantine or the opposite?

The quarantine is an interesting time because the assumption is that having a lot of time and isolation breeds creativity, that would be something noticed by people who have been unsuccessful in finding a synergy up until that point. But, because we already work together, the quarantine served as a breathing room and a quieting of the noise to see exactly what we are doing, fine-tuning what works and planning out the rollouts for the subsequent material we are working on.