"Light As a Feather" Is the Latest Release From Los Angeles Based Eclectic Rock Group Lithic

"Light As a Feather" is Lithic's second cut from their year's impressive display of genre-bending releases. It lands between an elusive layer of psychedelia, grunge rock, and alternative rock while still sounding current. Though co-written amongst the bands four members, its pieces—buzzing guitar riffs, a fluid evolving melody, saturated vocals, and a smashing drumset performance—are a testament to Lithic's reasserting dominance in this year's Alt-Rock standoff. The combined complexity in the song offers the all-encompassing thrill of headbanging your way into the front row of your favorite rock concert while displaying what feels like their ache for distant connection through its whimsically swaying vibe. "Light as a feather, free from the weight, nothing to teather.." they sing, extending a fascinating proposal to step into the breathing void of their desert rock colored music. Lithic once again re-shapes the idea of what a rock single might sound. It feels good to disappear into something so anthemic and mysterious at the same time for a while. A full and round low-end absorbs the more bottomless crevasses of this musical journey, while still providing an aggressive punch through its attack. A psychedelia influenced falsetto develops into a scolding beacon of confidence and upheaving energy throughout the chorus. As the heavy-handed guitar riffs tradeoff between vocals and crashing cymbals, this tune induces a trans-like state—pulling you between a swaying lullaby into a dramatic forward-moving march. The arpeggiated guitar solo is the lightly scorched garnish on top of this warm appetizer on Lithic's dynamic musical menu. It's no doubt this band has followed their creativity, and with a tasteful blend of character borrowed from genres alike, they're jousting to be king of the alternative-rock hill in the not so distant future.

You can listen to "Light As a Feather" here.