Lil Grimey Draws a Deep Inner Connection to the Streets on New Single “All Nite”

Originally from El Salvador,hip-hop artist Lil Grimey moved to the United States at the age of 14, where he began writing and freestyling his own rap verses. Living in San Francisco, Lil Grimey was able to bounce various vibrant and dynamic production ideas off of other talented colleagues that ultimately helped him to create his unique melodic rap style that has a touch of urban swag.

His new single “All Nite” is filled with emotion and harsh street-style sounds that will entice listeners as Lil Grimey raps from his inner power-filled depths. The slow-moving instrumental backing adds an electronic element that helps to intensify Lil Grimey’s level vocalizations.

Each lyric in “All Nite” dives into a pure hood element to which Lil Grimey refuses to let his doubters get to him. Tapping into his Latin background, Grimey creates a unique rap track that is incomparable to any other in the industry.

“All Nite” is a powerful single on his debut album 'Tycoon Streets' which includes 8 self-written and produced tracks and is the perfect motivating mixtape for younger individuals who may feel the pressure of balancing friends, family, and their street lifestyle.

Hello Lil Grimey and welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you walk us through the inspiration behind your new single “All Nite?"

Yes. All Nite was inspired by the idea of making a hit single. The idea was to have a song that would be catchy to people’s feelings and moods.

You mentioned that you are original from el Salvador, how have you been able to incorporate your Latin roots into your singles?

Yes, actually when I was in college I took a Latin music class where we learned different styles of traditional Latin music and its components like bomba and clave from the Caribbean and I learned those are still used today in modern music. It helps me when trying to catch my tempo and in the energy of my music.

As an emerging artist are there any other hip-hop/rap artists who have influenced your musical style?

Yes, I grew up in the ’90s so artists like Biggie Smalls, Method Man, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac were really an example to look out after.

It must have been extremely difficult to begin your career during the Covid-19 pandemic, how were you able to navigate this? What did your production process look like for “All Nite” because of this?

It was hard in the way that I couldn’t get together with people because of quarantine and so staying home alone was a little frustrating but in turn, it made it easier for me to focus on writing my lyrics and perfecting my craft. All Nite came about after finding the perfect beat I liked and visualizing how video music would look like, and how it would play out in the club. After having those ideas in mind, having my lyrics, and had been working on my craft it was a done deal.

What's next for you?

What’s next for me I don’t know. I have a couple more projects I want to put out. I’m also working on a series of concerts in the neighborhood where I’m from. I’m also looking to get my music licensed for tv and movies and hopefully get a placement and ultimately get a deal.