Lil Joker Baby Combines Genres In The Release Of His Eccentric Album “Imma Star”

Lil Joker Baby released the incredible album that will most definitely impress the culture of hip-hop and the market of music to full depths! The album titled “Imma Star” begins with the single “Roccstar”. “Roccstar” was a strong opener to the project because it showcased beautiful electric acoustics in the instrumentation right before the beat transitioned into the hip hop lane.

Lil Joker Baby's delivery is unique and atypical from other artists. His bars and metaphors in “Roccstar” were addictive and quotable. “Roccstar” set the tone off right for the album, and we became immensely prepared for what was next in this project. The next song that transitioned in was “Tonight”. “Tonight” kept the same vibe “Roccstar” had with the beautiful acoustics blended with a hip-hop element. Lil Joker Baby style is intriguing and his bars are super witty. The charisma in “Tonight” felt more subdued but it was due to Lil Joker Baby creating a more emotional aesthetic to the record.

The next song that transitioned in was “1st Second”. “1st Second” changed the instrumentation with the beat by giving us a gorgeous piano chord to mix in with the contemporary hip-hop style that’s presented in this album so far. Lil Joker Baby begins each song by reminding him and us that he’s a star. What’s neat about “1st Second” was how it felt like a love-rap ballad by Lil Joker Baby. It gave the album a new meaning and remained relatable and compelling. The next song that transitioned in on this interesting fusion album was “In Da Benz”. “In Da Benz” was a wavy hit song that was catchy and contagious. The hook becomes stuck to your head like super glue. It was memorable, timeless, and it had super dope configurations that made it unique. “In Da Benz” also felt like it was personally dedicated to someone who means a lot to Lil Joker Baby. T

he next song was “Psycho”. “Psycho” was another song on this album that had a real transmissible hook that felt like it transitions the listener right into their memories through his lyrics. After “Psycho” finished playing I was still thinking about the catchy hook. The last song on this album was “Imma Star” and this record was by far my personal favorite of the album! “Imma Star” had a headbanging beat and was aggressive, tough, and intense! The delivery from Lil Joker Baby was completely different from his more laid-back projection in the previous songs on this album. Instead, Lil Joker Baby showed us his ability to give us hard-hitting punchlines and rapid tempos!

All in all, Lil Joker Baby released an unorthodox rap album that will have a timeless effect on listeners due to Lil Joker Baby’s eccentric style and appeal. He’s a creative artist pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a New York-based artist. We can't wait to see and hear what the new year holds for Lil Joker Baby!

Listen to “Imma Starhere!