Linda Andresano Sings With Immense Elegance and Emotion On New Jazz Ballad, “My Time is over”

Born and raised in the south of Italy; classical, jazz, and blues music has been a part of every living and breathing aspect of Linda Andresno’s growing life. Andresano has collaborated with a variety of Italian jazz musicians as she continued to create and perfect her unique sound filled with soul, growing energy, and classical Italian roots.

Her new single “My Time is over” is a self-written, cool jazz ballad that embodies a feeling of kindness and elegance in every growing and changing melody. With the opportunity to collaborate, Andresano was able to produce this track alongside international trumpet player Antonio Baldino and pianist Massimo Colombo.

The ability to connect and produce music with such strong musicians truly elevates the intensity of this single as Andresano’s lyrics vibrate with emotion with each supporting and connecting trumpet and piano melody. Lyrics like “My way is far and I belong to another life” exemplifies a connection that has fallen through between two individuals and the passionate feelings within one as she looks to find her way.

“My Time is over” mixes Andresno’s various cultural backgrounds into one chilling piece that boasts an immense emotional interpretation for each listener. Looking forward we can expect an upcoming EP released in 2021 and we could not be more excited to hear more of Linda Andresano’s elegant cool jazz tracks.