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Lindsay Kaye Presents Her 2019 Track "Tremors"

Multi-dimensional pop artist Lindsay Kaye is an integrator. She combines sounds that once collectively blended, produce a staple sound. As a singer/songwriter, Lindsay strives to curate smooth, cream and insanely dreamy soundings to stimulate her listeners' senses. Her 2019 saw one big release of her track titled "Tremors". Artistically, Lindsay Kaye worked hard for the mixture of the track, as well as boosting her artistic profile over 2019. If her 2020 is anything like the track she was able to create in 2019, she'll be off to a great start!

Lindsay Kaye uses the techno music world to her advantage in her tracklist of 2019. Tracks that she's come out with, like "Tremors", features potent electronic elements with a pop-style approach. Lindsay Kaye makes the atmosphere of this track glamorous and classy. The integrated synths provide that feeling of enchantment and captivation you get from listening to "Tremors", but her vocal flow is what gives that lax feel to the track. "Tremors" captures the darkness of failure, and it does this in a natural way. The song is smooth and doesn't appear fabricated in any nonsense way. "Tremors" sets the tone for the ultimate soundings of Lindsay Kaye and what she's capable of bringing to the table. Her first new release can be expected to come out in late January 2020, so we're keeping our eyes peeled for any updates! As of now, we're listening to her July release "Tremors".

Discover the soundings of Lindsay Kaye here.


Hey Lindsay! Getting right into the music, "Tremors" was released in July of this year! Ever since it's release, how has the feedback been on the track?

I was really excited about the release of “Tremors” ever since its inception. My hope for this song was to act as a vehicle to reach a more worldwide and versatile audience. I think we accomplished what we set out to do when “Tremors” was streamed in 73 countries in 2019.

How do you feel you've grown the most artistically this year? Although 2019 saw the one release of "Tremors", how do you feel that track differed from previous ones? I’ve grown as a singer-songwriter by developing my skills through voice lessons and expanding my vocal range. With the success of “Ashes & Bones” and “Tremors” I have been blessed with the opportunity to work and collaborate with very talented artists like Nondoh, as well as, high-level music producer Alex Houton with AHM Media and 6x Grammy-winning master mixer Brian Vibberts.

“Tremors” has differed from my other tracks by showing how I have grown and developed as a strong singer and song-writer. I’ve always been open-minded when it comes to my music. My transition from “Ashes & Bones” to “Tremors” and their genres is a foundational representation of who I am as an artist in producing music my fans and I will enjoy and be proud of. 

We heard that you've been collaborating on a track with artist Nondoh! How has the collaboration been going so far? When is the track set to go live?!

Working with another artist for the first time can possess its own challenges. Nondoh is such a talented artist and it was a pleasure working with him. Regarding our new song, “I Wanna Know You” I believe we’ve created a song people will connect with. The collaboration was a rewarding and beneficial experience.  The track is set to go live on January 17, 2020. 

You have your own 2020 track coming out pretty soon into the New Year! Are you able to give our readers any hints on what the track will be about?

Without going into detail, I can tell you it’s about dreams and how they mirror your emotions and reality. 

Can you explain how you hope to grow as an artist during 2020? 

I hope to perform live with Nondoh and also perform my new single live on stage in 2020. 

It was a great experience to talk through with you on your 2019 from a music standpoint. Besides the releases in early 2020, where do you see your sound taking off from here?

6.  I hope to continue my reach and connection into a versatile, worldwide audience. I hope my pop-electric sound will continue to grow and develop as I continue to grow and develop as a singer/songwriter. With the combination of my passion and persistent efforts, I will release an album by the end of 2021.


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