"Lipstick Stains" Gives off Eerie Addictive Vibes on Undead Papi's Latest Release

Undead Papi & LuvLuxx join forces to create an ominous hit on the latest release "Lipstick Stains." The acoustic guitar strums a dark and slightly eerie melody as the percussion ticks away like sand slipping through an hourglass. Undead Papi is an 18-year-old experimental musician from Milwaukee, WI. This innovative artist produces multi-faceted creations that hone in on his many desires and emotions. On his latest track "Lipstick Stains," we are given a darker vibing soundscape.

"Lipstick Stains," tells a story of a forbidden romance, lovers torn apart by autocratic figures. The ghostly vocals resonate on the track haunting the verses. The 808 beat set alongside the acoustic guitar creates an original, modern production of sound. The distorted combination of sounds gives an undeniable eerie vibe that will leave you with goosebumps. The lyrics present a sense of abandonment that reverberates on the chorus as Undead Papi sings, " I've been gone since the first time I saw you leave me here, lipstick on my tattoos." The intense mood Undead Papi has created on this track is a feat all on its own, to be able to provide the listener with a particular sensation from your music takes skill and prowess, something Undead Papi clearly has. You can find "Lipstick Stains" here.

Hello Undead Papi and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest release "Lipstick Stains." It has a very thick mood embedded in the track. Can you tell us a bit more about the song and what type of feeling you wanted to leave listeners with? I'm glad you enjoyed it! Lipstick Stains was an open luvluxx had sent to me. We had been discussing getting on a track together for a very long time, and finally, we came together on this one. I'm grateful for the outcome of the track, recently I often try to push myself to do more singing on tracks, but the process is so much different for me and takes a lot more time and patience in comparison to the other styles of music I do. The distinct mood and energy of the track made it a lot smoother for my creative process in this collaboration. I brought a sort of "two-faced" attitude to the track, my lyrics switching from sounding vulnerable to careless and self-confident, all while maintaining the smooth melodic tone while I sing. The song can potentially be interpreted in many different ways, and I value the aspect of mystery when trying to decipher a track's overall meaning. It leaves a lot of space for listeners to find their own meaning when hearing the song. The duality in my work often confuses many and at times results in people making their own assumptions when trying to figure me out. I feel like as my career goes on there will be a time of more clarity. As for now, I still have a lot of time to develop and evolve as an artist. You mentioned you enjoy exploring different combinations of sounds that play into your state of mind. When do you feel most inspired to create music? I spend a whole lot of time in my head. Anytime I have weight on my chest it goes right into the music. The same would apply for the opposite scenario- whenever I'm in a positive mindset, I put that energy into the music. The direction I go with the track always has to do with how I'm feeling at that moment. The abundance of songs with very loud and aggressive delivery in my discography is a reflection of how I normally react to different situations in my life. It's kind of a default for me to react with rage. When the tracks get slow, melodic, or even sad/dark it's often a deeper and more conscious expression of my emotions. "Lipstick Stains" features a collaboration with LuvLuxx, do you enjoy collaborating with other artists? I definitely enjoy collaborations when they are fit. When the energy matches on a track, it's always a lot more satisfying hearing two or more artists rather than constantly hearing solo tracks. There are a lot of talented artists in my circle and I anticipate much more collaborations in the future. We know your process for piecing together carefully arranged instrumentals for the foundation of your tracks, where do you find the inspiration that you put into your songwriting?

I feel like inspiration for me comes from personal experiences in life. There will always be ups and downs and when looking back I'm always able to draw some sort of message to put into my work. My life has always been all over the place, abnormal would be an understatement- my upbringing would be described best as most unappealing as physically possible. Evidently processing my past was always hard for me, I have battled with PTSD for almost my entire life, but when it comes to music I'm able to let things out a lot less painfully. Listening to a lot of different genres and constantly expanding my taste has made it a lot easier for me to express all different kinds of emotions. I'm able to speak more fluently with different genres and styles.