“Listen To Me” By Richard Berger Is a Smooth Track With Chill Summer Vibes

Originally from the East Coast, Richard Berger is an alternative chill rock artist. He moved to LA 13 years ago and has been following his passion for music for many years. His first EP “Not There” was released in November 2018. Followed up by his single “In My Head” January 2019, and another spectacular piece “All The Love” April 2019. Richard is a singer, keyboardist and guitarist. Every EP and single was written and recorded in his home studio.

Richard Berger is always releasing ambient hits and we can’t get enough. This especially goes for his newest track “Listen To Me”.  The track starts off with funky and retro guitars, the synth keys enter and paint the melody for a catchy and unique chill vibe. As “Listen To Me” transitions, it tells a story within the lyricism. Richard Berger makes music that the melody climbs and falls sporadically, it creates a perfect chaos that just makes sense. With a softer beat and lighter musical arrangements, it has you honed in on Berger’s vast knowledge in music production. His vocals are finely-tuned and it’s hard to believe that this is all done within a home studio. We love the consistency and versatility of Riichard Bergers tracks and can’t wait to see what he does next!

Check out “Listen To Me” here!


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