Listen To The New Track “Wildwood Flowers” By Blind Feline

It's tough to introduce a band like Blind Feline, especially when they do it so well themselves. These "groove country, psychedelic rock, funk, jazz, and blue/grass playing bastards from Kentucky" are here and they're ready to share their newest single "Wildwood Flowers". Based out of Louisville, band members Oliver Sayani (guitar, vocals), Kurt Spoelker (bass), John Walker (saxophone), and Matt Griffin (drums, vox) all bring their own unique sounds to the band, hence why it's hard to pin them down to one genre.

“Wildwood Flowers” is a song that whisks you out to a little ol’ country hootenanny. Don't be fooled by the sounds of nature welcoming you at first, Blind Feline is about to come in swinging with their sweet Kentucky sounds. The stomping percussions, groovy strings, twangy winds, and bold vocals make the sauciest of tunes you've heard since the turn of the century. The Americana flair throughout the lyrics lends the song a classic touch as well. Referencing everything from The Grateful Dead to coal mines to the preacher man, the lines in “Wildwood Flowers” bleed red, white, and blue. What else would you want from a song like this? You'll be on your feet, singing along and getting down to this gloriously infectious song in a jiffy. 

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