Listeners Are Raving Over Kyle Alexander's Latest Track "Lit"

We welcome back rap artist Kyle Alexander with open arms. Kyle is the type of artist that will never disappoint his listeners with what he puts out there. Regardless of the type of ambiance the song provides, any track that Kyle releases is known to be a killer one. the type of experience and motivation that Kyle has is what aids in his successful musical offerings. You can feel yourself connecting with Kyle as your listen to his music, it's truly an experience for our BuzzMusic rap lovers! The undeniable flow Kyle has, combined with the heavy-hitting sound we love to hear in energetic rap singles is what highly attracted us to his music. We love seeing artists who can take their raw and difficult hardships, and make inspiring music out of it. Artists who can take the bad, and manifest good from it. Kyle Alexander is a rap artist to look out for, no doubt! His latest track "Lit" is highly addicting and executed perfectly!

The title of Kyle's latest track "Lit" really showcases the overall vibe of the song well. As we listened, we couldn't help but feel completely innervated with the energy Kyle releases in the track. We feel in the most robust and powerful environment with "Lit", and there's not one time throughout the track where the energy level depletes. Kyle is able to pour confidence and vitality into all of his songs, so we knew "Lit" wouldn't disappoint! Kyle is absolutely captivating as an artist, and our loyal BuzzMusic readers know we have a soft spot for this artists music (although there's nothing soft about the sound he creates). The verses Kyle executes does not fall short (ever), and are an intricate mix of Drake meets Kendrick meets Kanye meets Kyle (a mouthful, but weirdly a appropriate comparison). Kyle Alexander is the type of artist that manufactures a vigorous and raw sound, pouring in his emotion and real experiences into what he creates. "Lit" has already been added to our playlists, and once you give it a listen, we know it'll be quickly added to yours too! 

Discover Kyle's track "Lit" here


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