Liven up With the Robust Soundings of Friendly Bear

Friendly Bear hails from Los Angeles, CA, and their '90s-inspired music will have you experiencing a wide variety of emotions. To remind those readers who aren't already familiar with the members of Friendly Bear, the music group consists of lead vocalist Guy Jedidiah, as well as Megan and Adam Bones (The Two Tens), Save Ferris, Compress Collide, and The Gabba Gabba Heys. We remember when their single "Love Bluff" debuted, and the amount of stimulation it imparted onto listeners. With its debut, we knew that Friendly Bear's sound and message inspired us, and overall, it's easy to get lured in with their upbeat sensations, paired with intensifying emotionality. Friendly Bear aims to stay true to their roots. They write about music that inspires them, and they aren't afraid to construct their ideas in an authentic way. Friendly Bear delivers high-energy performances tailored to creating an enjoyable and overall positive environment. Their message has always been pure-hearted, and their music gives a rushing and energetic sensation. Past performances have been lively, dynamic, and ultimately powerful in many sorts. One element we love about Friendly Bear is the fact that the music group sources their inspiration from their everyday experiences. As listeners, we're really hearing about the perspectives of these artists, and what it is they go through as humans. Friendly Bear is bringing a confident and constructive sound to the music scene, and we're anticipating more of their robust sound in the near future. Discover Friendly Bear and connect with their music here