Liverpool Singer/Songwriter Helen Maw Brings a Beautiful Ballad With, “Mine Tonight"

From Liverpool, England, singer/songwriter and musician Helen Maw releases her latest emotionally-rich single “Mine Tonight”.

Drawing inspiration from artists like; Carole King, Amy Macdonald, The Beatles, and Joan Armatrading, Helen Maw blends soulful pop with fluorescent country elements. Her music sings lyrics surrounding everyday life and relationships, especially off her latest EP 'Everything in Between' capturing the effects of love, both positive and negative. Her recent single “Mine Tonight” captures soulful piano chord progressions and her raw and mesmerizing vocals. Creating a sensual and romantic atmosphere, Helen Maw’s messages effortlessly shine through her melodic and expansive music.

“Mine Tonight” offers intoxicating melodies that swoon us over and keep us hooked with Helen Maw’s clear and stunning vocal abilities. The track opens with vibrant piano chords awaiting the arrival of Helen Maw’s sculpted and sophisticated vocals. She sings lyrics that long for her significant other and bring in endless emotion as she serenades us. “Mine Tonight” serves an incredibly authentic vibe by simply keeping the underlying production to a minimum through the harmonic piano. That being said, Helen Maw’s brilliant and effective songwriting stays in the spotlight enhancing her clean-cut and heartfelt lyricism. Releasing a track that wins us over emotionally and mentally, Helen Maw’s “Mine Tonight” brings show-stopping emotion from top to bottom, and we’re only looking forward to her upcoming releases.

Be sure to check out "Mine Tonight" here.