“Living My Truth” By Kyle Alexander Will Open Up Your Mind To A New Perspective

Hailing from New Castle, Delaware, Kyle set out to take the music scene by storm with his sound and attitude. With a compelling story to tell and an undeniable talent, Kyle Alexander is the one to watch. Back in 2010, he started making music and rapping as a member of “MPR” (Making Prophecy Reality), a local group from his church. While the group came to a halt in 2015, Kyle decided to keep making music and establish a career as a solo performer. Kyle’s sound is modern and direct, often echoing the work of talented performers such as Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar or Lecrae, just to name a few. His vision still remains to share a positive message and save lives through his music, one soul at a time.

Kyle Alexander dropped his insane new track “Living My Truth” with Blake Winters and we can’t get enough. It’s a smooth hip-hop/ R&B track with elements of old school flow layered with a fresh contemporary sound. A proud and honest anthem, “Living My Truth” has the simple yet meaningful message of fully being yourself and wholeheartedly sticking to who you are. It weaves through an important message of doing things for yourself and staying true to God and yourself and not to do things just because it will please others. Kyle Alexanders effortless bars, flawless delivery, and pummeling lyricism is as addicting as the catchy backbeat and contagious melody. Kyle strives to create music that solidifies his ever growing foundation of connection to his fans. He uses his writing as an outlet and firmly believes that by sharing his stories and fully opening up about his scars, he can really show others that healing is actually possible! I highly recommend you add this track to your playlist and sing along to the alluring hook. Keep up with Kyle Alexander to see what he delivers next.

Check out “Living My Truth” here.



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